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Posted on Thursday, August 23rd, 2007 at 12:05pm CDT by 7151dfe8

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I received a 40% off coupon in the mail from AE and on or about August

2nd, I went online to place an order. When I tried to enter the code on

the coupon into the system at check out, I kept getting an error message

saying that the code had already been used.

I called the customer service number and explained the problem to them

and they said that I could place the order over the phone and would be

able to give me the 40% discount that way.

I placed the order over the phone and received an email message

notifying me of my order. When I looked at the shipping information I

saw that the address they had listed was not correct.

An order I had placed online with AE back in July was sent to the wrong

address so I had purposely spelled out my address to the person on the

phone to try to prevent that from happening again but somehow they still

managed to get it wrong.

I called the customer service number and was told that the only thing

that they could do was wait until my order was shipped out, returned to

their warehouse and then a new order could be shipped out to me.

I was told that I couldn't cancel my order or have my money refunded

and that I had to be the one responsible for checking online to see when

my order was returned to the warehouse so that I could call them and

request a refund and/or another order.

I found this to be totally unacceptable and called the customer

service dept repeatedly to complain and tried to get the matter

resolved. I even sent an email to AE's corporate office and to this day

have not received a response from anyone at AE.

My position was that since it was their error they should have placed

an new order and had it sent to me or offered me a refund and dealt with

whatever procedures they had to internally. I should not have had to be

inconvenienced and made to wait for my merchandise or been without the

money I spent to get the merchandise while they fixed their mistake.

When I got no response from AE I decided to contact the USPS to

explain what had happened and ask them what I could do. I was told that

I could write a letter to my mail carrier and maybe that would help to

get my package delivered to the correct address. So I did that and I did

receive the package.

Unfortunately two of the items were not the correct size. With all

the problems I'd already experienced with AE's online ordering service,

I tried to return the merchandise directly to the store. Again

unfortunately they didn't have the correct size and said that their

inventory showed that the only way to get that size was through

So I sent the items back to AE.

The instructions for returning items included a form that the customer

is supposed to complete that lists the address that the merchandise is

to be shipped to. I made sure to fill this form out with the correct

address but when I received the email notification of the order--- once

again it had the wrong address that they had previously used.

Once again I called the AE customer service dept and told them that

they had sent the order to the wrong address for the third time.

This time the lady on the phone said that the order had not gone out

so she could cancel it and place a new order.

I had also noticed that there was also a debit on my bank account

showing the costs of the two items that were being shipped back out to

me but no credit for the return.

I was told that AE debits your account for items that are returned and

then sent back out to you as they treat it as a new order but that I

should see a credit back to my account of that amount in approximately 2


She also said that this new order that she was processing to send the

items to the correct address would be debited from my account but that I

would also see a credit for that back to my account since I'd already

paid for these items when I placed my original order back on August 2nd.

With the previous experiences I've had with of course I was

skeptical and sure enough in checking my account there are 2 debits and

only one credit meaning that I have now paid twice for items that I

still don't have.

I called AE today and was told that I had to wait 2 months to receive

my refund (credit).

Again I find this totally unacceptable and don't think that I should

have to be inconvenienced while AE straightens out their internal


Since I had paid for the items originally there should never have been

another charge in the first place for items that were just being

exchanged for different sizes.

I would write another letter of complaint to AE but since they didn't

bother to respond to my first one....

I and my family order items on-line on a weekly basis and AE is by far

the worst company to deal with on-line for what should be a very simple


We will never shop again and would suggest that unless you

like to be frustrated or until AE learns how to run a successful online

business no one else shop there either.

Bryon A Henderson


a0d4ab41, 2008-12-18, 09:04PM CST

I totally agree with you they are extremly incompitent...This is my story. My girlfriend had made an order on and I did as well. Her order was placed before my order but within a couple of hours of each other. 3 days later it was a monday and we checked our account balance to make sure they took the money outta it. That is when I realised that AE had charged my account 2 times. My Girlfriend called AE online ordering service to try to get this resolved and not 1 person would help her. They told her she needed to call back on Tuesday. Meanwhile our account went neggative and left us with no money at all because of this. She called Tuesday and was 3-way'd with AE and our bank. The bank and AE argued with eachother and AE claims they didn't charge me twice for each order. They claimed it had to be a bank error, and that they could not help me and it wasn't my problem, it was the banks problem. AE, yet again, told me to call back on wednesday. When I called them back they were rude, did not want to even talk to me, transferred many times back and forth to the same departments more than once just to get hung up on. I sat on the phone calling and talking to repeated associates for a total of 7 hours before they gave me the coorporate officer MATT who is completely incompitant. After I explained my situation repetedly he contacted my bank and argued with them. My bank demanded that they return in full the ammounts that wer not supposed to be charged and pay for the 7 bank fees that accured from my account bein negative for 3 days due to there own stupidity. After all this they were very rude to me so I cancled my order, and they had the nerve to tell me that if I wanted to keep my order they would pay for express 2 day shipping. I laughed and told the that they will never go near my account again and they had lost a very good customer along with all my friends. It didn't faze them 1 bit and in fact they told me that they were not goin to pay for any additional bank fees that had not been processed yet. I've never had such poor customer service in my life. Any time i've had the slightest issue with any other store it was cleared up immediatley and then my bill was covered by the store for the hassle I'd incurred. is REDICULOUS and I will NEVER shop there AGAIN!!! There was 1 person that did help me out and her name was KIMBERLY. She was the only AE employee that was remotely compitant. To make it worse I was informed this happens frequently with by there own employees and it's rediculous that if i'm not the first person this happens to, why has this not been resolved.

7bc87aeb, 2010-09-08, 08:45PM CDT

You prolly live on a strange street name and the computer auto corrects.

The person before me- Imccompitent? Really?? They charged your account two times, because you made TWO SEPERATE purchases.You, then your GF, or vice versa.

I really wish people would get some common sense before making and posting on these stupid, useless sites. Its a little sad seeing a fourteen year old has more sense than most adults.

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