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Posted on Tuesday, August 21st, 2007 at 9:14am CDT by 7eaaccfa

Company: tesco customer service

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tesco extra inverness certainly gave me extra when they swiped my debit card twice therefore taking &#163160 instead of &#16380 from my account, i confronted the manager and after some arguement was given &#16330 "goodwill gesture" and was told the extra &#16380 would be put back into my account by monday (this happened on thursday) i think this was to get me out of the store as i was very annoyed at them. it wasnt until the following thursday that my money went back in my account which i find disgraceful but tesco customer services in dundee think they were being very fair to give me my money back (which was to their own admission their fault they took it in the first place) and have no intention of refunding my petrol money, time or complete inconvenience for their mistake and as they know it was my only money therefore had to borrow of a friend to feed my children. for such a big company who has just boasted huge profits to be so callous to its customers is a complete and utter

disgrace. i certainly will not be shopping there again and fully intend to let everyone know what a selfish and family unfriendly company they really are.for their mistake i have had to spend a week struggling to feed my kids, petrol, my phone bill and a few extra grey hairs to try to get back that what was mine in the first place. i appreciate human error occurs but feel that tesco could have compensated me for their mistake but maybe thats how they can boast huge profits as they rip their customers off!!!!!!!!!!!


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