Marisol Stout - Refund check

Posted on Tuesday, August 21st, 2007 at 12:51pm CDT by b8dd5fa2

Product: Disc Makers - refund

Company: Marisol Stout

Category: Entertainment

I know you think I want to call Disc Makers everyday. I know you think that I have nothing else to do but hound you for what you OWE me. I totally understand that it is NOT your money that is unaccounted for! Therefore, you look at me as if I am the villain giving you problems; even though you are not the one being given excuse after excuse....transferred to voice-mail after voice-mail...given runaround after runaround. I have been EXTREMELY polite to the members of Disc Makers whom I have encountered during this refund check episode despite the lies I have been told, despite the lack of customer courtesy, despite the FALSE quality of business you promote, despite you rudely hanging up in my face before I could request the check number you allegedly had in your hand. This is the very same check that Disc Makers claims to have mailed twice! I do believe that you single out customers and cater your collective efforts to please certain ones that you deem are

worthy. I do not believe that you treat all your customers with such blatant disrespect like you have shown me. I hope that you will FINALLY send me my $1,200.00 without any more unnecessary BS. I do not want to have ANY future dealings with Disc Makers or anything that Disc Makers represents or is associated with. Furthermore, I would like the tracking number and check number for the refund check which, for the second time, you promised to send overnight. If I do not receive my refund check as promised I am ready to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.


75Th Ave.



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