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I am unable to provide any email information as I cannot find any.

My problem is : I have used Tracfone with little to no problems for over =

a year now. I have spent hundreds of dollars and find it very useful in =

my work since I can assign the phones and control the minutes used. I =

also do not have to worry about them walking away.

Now, I am not able to add/buy airtime using the website anymore. When I =

try to purchase airtime (for any phone) I get a message indicating I =

already have airtime purchased that needs to be activated before I can =

continue. But, when I click continue as instructed, I get a new page and =

message indicating the pin numbers are not valid.

I have tried several times and wasted a tremdous amount of time only to =

be given several answers. None that have been successful.=20

I asked for a "case" number the last time and was told that she could =

not give me one as it had already been escalated to the technical =


The solution they gave me was to wait 24 hours and try again!!!!!!!!

As most of the complaints I have read indicate, there are no email =

addresses or direct phone numbers to call to speak to a representive =

that is capable in technical knowledge as well as the ability to =


Dennis Bias, COTA/L

597 W Rattlesnake Pl

Casa Grande, AZ 85222




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