Loss of service. More frequent.

Posted on Monday, August 20th, 2007 at 8:43pm CDT by d1d589c9

Company: Loss of service. More frequent.

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I an rether disappointed in the service I've had in the last few months. =

That being, loss of ability to use our equipment because someone, one =

YOUR end decides to work on equipment that affects All customers in a =

given area. You could be more considerate about the times you work on =

equipment, for what ever reason. The time to work on equipment is when =

the least amount of customers watch television. There really is no =

excuse. I will not accept any REASONING that you provide when I have to =

reprogram my equipment in the middle of watching TV day time , afternoon =

or evening. I get screen 015 and when it reporograms to 5-5 it switches =

to screen 330. after which the bar at the bottom goes over half way. It =

swiches to the channel I was watching, and immmediately upon switching =

to another channel, screen 015 reappears. and the cycle starts all over. =

This happened to me 10 times on 8-19-07. I pay for your services and I =

want service from you. Like I said, if your people cannot repair or =

reprogram at less used times, I may go to your competitor, At least they =

are CIVIL. Another thing, if you want us to call for assistance with a =

problem, I suggest they answer the phone. They had me on hold for over =

an hour. I finally gave up. That is why I am writing now.

My E-Mail COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_76218# My customer number is 8255 90 950 4396349. =

I hope I get better service inthe future for my money.


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