Ontel Products Corporation giving away personal info

Posted on Thursday, August 2nd, 2007 at 10:10am CDT by e8fb6679

Company: Ontel Products Corporation giving away personal info

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I bought the swivel sweeper from http://www.ontelproducts.com/ (Ontel

Products Corporation) in April of '07 and I just found out that I was been

charged from three different companies I have never heard. Here are the

three unknown companies;

Jun 21 Deal Surprise Inc 909-465-0339 CA =96 When I called they were still

closed. I will try later.

Jul 02 EASY SAVER 800-262-6199 =96 I called and cancelled and asked for a f=


refund. They gave me a refund for only 1 month. I called back and got

their mailing address so I can request a full refund. I have to wait to se=


if my VISA was credited.

Here is the address;

Consumer Affairs

PO 280

Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17274

When writing to them you have to include a reference number that the

representative should provide you when you call to complain.

You can find more info on this company on BBB's site;


Jul 10 WC *Value Plus 888-833-7279 =96 I called and cancelled my membersh=


that I never signed for and the reprensentative said that consumer affairs

dept will send a form to me so I can get money back. (Yeah right). I waite=


an hour and I called back and I spoke to Ariel. I demanded my full refund

and she state that I should call back within 24 =96 48 hours to receive my

full refund. I will call back tomorrow and we will see what happens. Then

I have to wait to see if my VISA was credited.

I will keep you posted.


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