K-Mart - K-Mart refund-giftcard / gift card ripoff

Posted on Friday, August 17th, 2007 at 8:45pm CDT by 87391702

Product: refund-giftcard / gift card ripoff

Company: K-Mart

Location: CAPE CORAL, FL, US

Category: Stores, Shopping

A year or two ago, just before the announcement that Sears and K-Mart were merging or one buying out the other, I returned a purchase to K-Mart.

I was told that they couldn't return cash to me, but would give me a gift card for the amount. I didn't have any problem with that, since I regularly frequented the garden shop and bought a lot of plants.

Then, the merger took place and the K-Mart store turned into a Sears/K-Mart store. I tried to spend my gift card on purchases and they told me that they couldn't read the card. When I explained to them that I received the card at that store before the merger, they told me that I would have to take it to a Sears store.

Since the nearest Sears store is over 20 miles away and across a river in another town, it took me a while to get over there, but when I finally did, was told that they couldn't read the card either and that I would have to take the card to a regular K-Mart store.

I finally found a 'regular K-Mart store' last week and took my card there. The customer service department was able to read the card, but said that there was nothing on it (It should have been about $20.00). When I insisted that there had to be a mistake, they pointed out to me that the fine writing on the reverse of the card explained that $2.10 would be deducted from the card every month!

Obviously, K-Mart kept deducting money every month until the card was worthless! I believe that is why I was given a card instead of money for my return; that K-Mart was aware of the soon to be merger and not wanting to release any funds. At any rate, that practice of issuing a gift card for a refund, knowing that it will be rendered valueless, is criminal and you people are thieves and crooks.

I wonder if you are keeping tabs on that card and feel that I owe you money now? What do you do when the card is valueless? Keep deducting the $2.10?

I am mad as hell about this. It is only about $20.00, and obviously can't do anything about it but tell others what you are doing. I am through with K-Mart and Sears and am going to forward this story to as many people and places as I can. Its not about the $20.00, its because of the sneaky and dishonest way that you are doing it.

You people are dishonest and you should be locked up in jail with common criminals.


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