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Posted on Wednesday, August 15th, 2007 at 9:36am CDT by bcb2ce13

Company: Sky Broadband

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I believe the Sky 16 meg max broadband

( is a rip off because of

the reasons below. It would be interesting to know how many actually get the

full 16 meg. When I asked they did say not many.

I have sent the following to the BBC WATCHDOG site because of the poor

service I am receiving from you in relation to broadband. I am totally fed

of trying to get any assistance because it seems to me I am just being

fobbed off. To advertise a product like 16 max and to actually receive only

3 meg and still charge for 16 meg is a rip off. I have seen that the office

of fair trading may be looking into this and this will also be going there


I moved to this address in Nov last year. I had cable at the time who

advertised 10 meg down load and you got 10 meg download ( I believe they

have increased that to 20 meg for no extra cost). Due to may new address not

having cable, I saw that sky were offering Sky max with UPTO 16 meg. I

decided to go for that. It took 3 months to get connected, had to change the

router twice, and ended up with a speed of just over 3 meg! I have been in

contact with sky so many times with no luck except being reminded I am in a

12 contract. I explained that because I was getting less that a quarter of

what they advertised I should be getting a discount, to no avail. I have

been onto BT to check my line (it


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