Pizza Hut - Pizza Hut - NO refunds for unwanted soft drink bottles

Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2007 at 10:54pm CDT by 65e00dc9

Company: Pizza Hut

Location: 40655 Grimmer Blvd
FREMONT, 94539

Category: Restaurants, Bars

I ordered by phone a "Cheesy Bites Pizza + 4 20-oz Pepsi products" since I had a coupon for $16.99. After paying for the order at the store with my credit card, signing the credit charge. I gave the coupon to the store manager/cashier (Khudja Markar) but she would not even take it. That's when another employee said "that's not a coupon", you can get this order anytime for the same price. At the moment I realized that I did not need to buy the soft drinks and I could just buy the Pizza for $12.99. So I told the manager/cashier that I did not want the soft drinks, I only wanted the Pizza. But the manager/cashier refused to do anything saying "Your order has been entered into the system and I can not do anything, this is an old system that does not let me do anything." She repeated the same story following by "Sir, YOU DO NOT GET IT, I can not do anything, this is an old system." As soon as I mentioned that I would complain about this "she was eager to point to the 800 # in a pizza bo

x. It was obvious that she wanted to get rid of me as fast as possible.

I believe that this is an illegal business practices. First, the coupon was misleading making me think that it was an special discounted offer for a pizza plus drinks. Then when I realized that it was not, then I was not refunded for products that I did NOT want and that were in the same conditions in which they gave them to me.

I tried looking for place to file a complaint with the Fremont, CA Chamber of Business Burou or some other organization but I could not find anything on line. Then I found this web site. In any case, if I can not file any formal complaint, at the very least I WILL NEVER TOUCH ANY PIZZA HUT PRODUCTS, not to mention pay for anything from that company. I am sure that Pizza Hut will end up benefiting less by refusing to refund me for 4 unwanted drinks than loosing my business forever.



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