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This is a letter recently that I wrote to Home Depot:

To Whom It May Concern:

This afternoon I tried to return a new Husky Powerwasher 1800 psi to your Gloucester, Virginia store. It was purchased on June 16, 2007, with Check Number 5675, along with other items that totaled $326.88. The serial number on the power washer is ____, Item Number 18005. Included with the total purchase on the 16th was a floor model upright freezer, SKU 453-946.

On June 17, 2007, I purchased an LG Refrigerator for $2,199 (special pricing), along with the ice line, delivery, etc., for a total of $2,374.45.

The following is a description of some of the mishaps that have occurred during my interactions with Home Depot.

? First, my husband and I brought the freezer home on the 17th using our own trailer. We brought it into our garage, moved the food in the old freezer into the new, and put the old freezer on the trailer to take to the local land fill on the following Monday a.m. The new freezer started running; by the way, it also had been running when we bought it at the store.

About midnight, when I took our dog outside, I happened to open the freezer and realized that the food inside was thawing. Upon calling my husband downstairs, we brought the thirty-year-old freezer back into the garage, once more transferred the food, and started up the old freezer. Later I plugged in the ??new? freezer; it would not freeze ice??or anything else.

The store personnel suggested that I get the local approved repair person to the house to see if the freezer could be repaired. I called the manufacturer to get a list of approved repair companies. On the 26th, I was able to get someone to the house. The owner of Briggs Appliance had been on vacation earlier, and the other approved repair service refused to repair any appliance that had not been purchased from them. While he was very nice (Mr. Briggs), the repair person said that the freezer was not worth repairing, that it was leaking coolant.

To give the salesperson credit, he did come to collect the freezer, so that we did not have to take it back to the store ourselves.

? I made arrangements to have the LG refrigerator delivered on June 25, 2007, making sure that I remained in my home office all day long. When the delivery men arrived and I had showed them where the refrigerator was to go, the driver requested that I come outside to the truck. The corner of the refrigerator was ??bashed? in severely, along with the packing being damaged. My husband arrived home about that time and said that whoever loaded that appliance knew when it was loaded that it was damaged??unless the damage occurred on the truck.

The delivery person gave me a ??damaged products? card (MS# ____) and said that I had to call the company to make arrangements for another appliance to be delivered??another day that I could not leave the house. The damaged appliance was hauled away. The new refrigerator was finally delivered about a week later; it??s a beautiful appliance.

? There was a special that was running at the time on energy saving for which I applied on July 4, 2007, via http://homedepot.onlinerrebates.com/confirminfo.aspx. I was to receive a $200.00 gift card for purchase of the LG refrigerator. That has not arrived at the time of this letter (Promotion Number 52907).

? I was also to receive a return of the delivery charge as part of a promotion. That check has arrived (Promotion Number 84923).

? As I had guests in my home and my husband was preparing for a lengthy stay in Africa, I did not have reason to use the Husky Powerwasher until on or about July 20, 2007. The power washer that I purchased on the 16th of June would not build pressure. I did not return it at the time; I thought that I would let my husband try to operate it when he returned. He came back from Zimbabwe on the 8th and tried the power washer this a.m. It will not build pressure.

Please note the following, when we purchased it, the box that the washer came in was nearly disintegrated, but it was the last one on the shelf, and I wanted that particular model. When I did install all of the hoses the first time, I noted that the water plug had already been removed. Is it possible that someone else had purchased this washer and also returned it?

Prior to returning the power washer today, I looked for the sales receipt and could not find it. As you can imagine, I have lots of paper work: sales receipts for the refrigerator and freezer, multiple customer invoices, bill of lading, online rebate forms, the paperwork from the appliance repair man, card from the damaged refrigerator, pick-up confirmation for the freezer, warrantee materials, manuals, and more. It is my fault that I cannot find the sales receipt for the power washer, but, at this point, I hope that you can see that such confusion is possible.

When my husband and I brought the power washer today to the returns desk, the young woman at the desk said that she could not take the washer back, as I did not have a receipt and the sale occurred more than 30 days ago. I asked for the manager, who was short with me, said that she could not do something that Georgia would not permit her to do, and walked away. I admit that I was upset when I spoke with her, but she would not let me finish a sentence and try to share with her some of what is in this letter.

It should be noted that at the returns desk at that time was the exact same model of power washer that someone else had returned today (the 12th). Is it possible that these power washers are defective?

I was told that I would need to send the washer back and pay $35.00 to have it looked at. If the washer was still under warrantee, my money would be returned. If there was further cost, I would be called about the charges. At this point my frustration with Home Depot is about to the maximum. Remember, this is a new washer??does not have the first minute of powerwashing timed on it, yet, and I??m paying for a repair!

There was no discussion of ??I am sorry? by the store, an even return for a washer that works, ??may I see the check that you wrote,? or any other amenity.

At this point, I do not know what the answer is for my frustration with my experiences with Home Depot or how that such a situation can be ameliorated, but I have seldom been so upset by a corporation, especially, after having spent several thousand dollars with your company. I know that my business will not ??make or break? your company, but as soon as I get my power washer back, I will not do business with Home Depot, again, nor would I recommend your corporation to anyone else. My experiences with Home Depot since June 16, 2007, for the most part, have not been pleasant.


Linda (Other Personal Information Deleted)


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c4de9e28, 2008-09-24, 07:32PM CDT

I also had the same Husky 1800 Power Washer that, while under warranty, quit providing any power to the water. It worked fine for a while then it quit. Motor runs but no power. I also had no luck in finding my receipt. I contacted Husky service and because I had no receipt they couldn't care less. The date on the machine proved it was under warranty but no good. I tried Home Depot on line service also but no luck.

c4de9e28, 2008-10-20, 05:00PM CDT

I wrote the second comment about the Husky power washer. I wish to make an update. I talked to my local Home Depot about getting the power washer repaired and pay for it myself and they swapped the defective unit with a new model 2000 washer. Don't know if the washer is any better but Home Depot did right by me.

bb38613f, 2010-01-08, 01:42PM CST


I am a customer Service Representative at Husky Power Washer Company.Please accept my apology for the issue you experienced with your 1800 pressure washer.

Please contact us at 888 550 1606 or [email protected] this posting when you make contact and we will resolve this issue to your full satisfaction.

Thank you,

Husky Customer Service team

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