Dish Network - Fwd: Dish Customer Complaint:

Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2007 at 4:04pm CDT by 1fd7a03c

Company: Dish Network

Category: TV, Music, Video

I have been a Dish Network customer since 2002, but this is on the verge of changing. Dish charged me $179 for a service and product (the HD DVR), which it refused to provide.

I set up the installation appointment for Sunday, August 12 between the hours of 8am and 12 pm. The technician arrived around 12:20 pm and refused to install the HD receiver because my HDTV wasn't in place. I explained to him that I just wanted the HD service set up and my HDTV would be coming in later that week. The satellite technician then berated me and told me that in the future Dish would not install until all the TVs were in the proper location as they wanted to avoid having to come back to check their work.

I explained that I knew someone who had the HD upgrade installed and asked him to go ahead with the installation. Again he refused, told me that I didn't understand his position, and berated again about my failure to be prepared for the Dish upgrade.

At this point, I asked him to leave my home, but he refused, continued to make calls to his supervisor to complain about my behavior, and then insisted that he needed his clipboard. I asked him to take off his shoes to retrieve the clipboard, which was in my bedroom, but he refused and would not leave until I retrieved his clipboard. You can imagine how upsetting his refusal to leave was as I am five one and he was a much larger man.

I called Dish Network to complain about his conduct, made it clear that it was unacceptable for me to feel threatened in my own home by a Dish technician, and to complain about the failure to provide services and products that I already paid for. He was not able to tell me the technician's name (the service agreement is for DNS LLC, Long Beach, #054841) and I was told the best they could do was to reschedule the installation with a note that the installer (which he could not identify) should not install the upgrade. In light of the poor customer service I received, I asked the customer representative (JAMES) to have the installers pick up the leased receivers, but he refused to even consider this small concession.

I cannot understand why Dish is so intent on alienating a long time (and prompt paying) customer with its callous attitude toward complaints regarding physical safety and failure to provide service and products already paid for. At the very least, I am entitled to a written apology, a written assurance that the technician has been properly reprimanded and compensation for Dish's inexcusable conduct .


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