Eyeglasses/ bad customer service

Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2007 at 2:32pm CDT by bafbb4c8

Company: Eyeglasses/ bad customer service

Category: Other

Location: MyEyeDr at Ballston, Virginia.

Dear Sir or Madam:

I would greatly deter anyone from going to MyEyeDr. I bought a pair of

glasses from the Ballston, VA location. Before purchasing the glasses, I

asked the technician several times regarding lightest weight options for my

prescription since it's so high. He basically brushed my questions off &

rushed me into getting expensive metal frames. When I asked at one point if

I should get plastic, he brushed me off & stated that he already started

writing the bill & that the metal frames were better anyway.

It turns out plastic is a better choice for my high prescription. The metal

frames were extremely heavy & I exchanged them at the Vienna, VA location.

(The people at the Vienna location were much nicer and actually took the

time to sit & explain the differences & immediately pointed out that I

should always get plastic w/ my type of prescription!) The plastic frames I

exchanged them for were also cheaper. Then due to that fact that at eye care

places, an "exchange costs money"- i.e. getting new frames require ordering

& cutting the lenses again, which cost extra money" - the Ballston location

refused to refund me the difference of the cost of frames. That's

ridiculous-what's an "exchange" then? Additionally, it makes me angry b/c I

could have gotten the cheaper, lighter weight plastic frames initially &

paid for that price had the Ballston technician actually provided

satisfactory service.

Thank you,



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