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Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2007 at 4:49pm CDT by 2bbb57d9

Company: Scarborough Town Centre

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Hello Talal Samadi,

I searched all over for a customer service hotline or something similar but couldn't find it anywhere. I'm sure you don't normally deal with complaints however I'm hoping you'll be able to put this through to someone that does.

I've always enjoyed juices at Freshly Squeezed stores at Scarborough Town Centre and Eaton Centre. However, today on August 13, 2007, around 5:00pm I received a very unsatisfactory drink and when I tried to notify the attendant, received even poorer service. My name is Eric Mui and I live in the Scarborough area.

This happened at the Scarborough Town Centre store, while 3 people were working. 1 young asian teen, 1 dark skinned Indian-like teen, and an older large build asian man with glasses (manager?owner?)

My poor experience was with the large build asian man with glasses who must have been the manager or owner. Normally the Indian-like teen is there alone and I've never had trouble with him. Here's what happened;

My girlfriend and I ordered a medium Pomegranate Kiwi juice with Litchi. Drink was obviously too sweet because the person who made the drink obviously disregarded to drain the syrup from the litchi. With increased syrup and the already sweet litchi filling more than 1/3 of the cup, the juice could do little to offset that sweetness, even with pomegranate and kiwi, both which from my past experiences are not very sweet juices.

It made the drink way to sweet to drink, and we kindly brought it back to the operator, who VERY impolitely explained that there was nothing he could do about it and the drink was like the way it is. I guess he felt offended or thought that we were trying to get something out of the complaint, but we weren't. He angrily suggested that all he could do was ice it down for us.

Afterward, we tried it again, despite the ice and everything the drink was still to sweet, plus the poor customer service/manners that he just gave was just unbearable. We just left the drink next to his cashier.

Its only a $4.50 drink, even if he had exchanged it I'm sure it would have been able to offset the cost. Even if he had just been more polite instead of talking in a pissed off tone we would have just walked off.

Very disappointed with this store that I've always gone to. However this is my first time seeing this man, who seemed like the manager. Unfortunately we were so angry with him that we forgot to ask him his name.I'm not asking for any kind of compensation or anything because all I lost was $4.50 but that store just lost a loyal returning customer. Somewhere, I just think that no one would care making 1 drink less a week, but there has to be someone somewhere who will listen to me, hopefully.

Thanks.PS. I've also sent a feedback with the Scarborough Town Centre customer service about this particular store/employee.


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