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Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2007 at 3:15pm CDT by aabe17c9

Company: book seller (annabellebooks)

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Let me start off by stating: Never buy from "annabellebooks" on

I normally have a very positive experience when dealing with sellers through However, today I have to say I am very displeased with the

seller "annabellebooks."

I ordered the book 'Fuzzing: Brute Force Vulnerability Discovery' written

by: Michael Sutton (Author), Adam Greene (Author), Pedram Amini (Author) on

the 8th of last week. Normally I at least see a status of shipped or some

sort of estimated delivery date. annabellebooks had not updated any info as

of today. Upset by the lack of service and information given in comparison

to other sellers (I buy a lot of books) I decided to rate the seller 2/5 not

the worst rating they could receive but they didn't live up to my

expectations of a seller. I left a comment that I ordered the book the 8th

and it still wasn't listed as being shipped the next week. I promptly

received the following messages from the seller.

-------------- Begin seller message ---------------------

"The payment date of the book by you was August 8th. It is now only August

13th! How is that a week after you ordered it? This is completely unfair and

false. This line of feedback should be removed at once. Check your order

date, and get your story straight!!!!!"

- annabellebooks

-------------- End seller message ------------------------


(For the record I have yet to receive the book or information about the


-------------- Begin seller message ---------------------


I saw the line of feedback, and I don't understand what you mean. You

ordered the book on Aug 8th, obviously you got it, and now it is Aug 13th.

How is that a week after you ordered it? If you do not remove this feedback

I am going to contact Amazon regarding your unfair remark.


Annabelle Books

-------------- End seller message ------------------------

I contacted both via E-Mail and Phone. I have yet to hear back

via my E-Mail and the phone conversation consisted of me being told that

there is nothing can do.

I would have been satisfied to repost my review as 1/5 and explaining the

horrible customer service I was provided. Since, I can't do that I plan on

posting my negative experience with this seller to every seller complaint

medium I can find.


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