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Posted on Sunday, August 12th, 2007 at 12:21am CDT by 273f54ed

Company: : Monitronics

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Issues with Monitronics Home Security service:

Last September I had an alarm go off at my house. Well, I didn't find =

out about it till almost 4 hours later. The Police had already came and =

gone several hours before I was notified or the individual who was my =

emergency contact. I was very dissatisfied with the service and =

instructed the customer service agent to cancel my service. At the point =

I was told that I would have to send them a letter with my name, =

address, and my customer info in it with the request to cancel my =

service. Well, of course they denied ever getting it. I sent them a =

second letter this time and due to a job change relocated thinking the =

matter was solved. A few months go by and I come hoem and discover that =

they still had not terminated my contract. I called their customer =

service and recieved more run around and finally I was instruicted to =

send the same letter but, with all the info mentioned before but, they =

wanted tme to include my password and passcode in the new letter. Why =

would someone ask for all this in a letter that was going through the =

public mail. When dealing with secure documents you never send them =

through public forums. Then the supervisor I spoke with told me that =

they are not responsible for delievering what they sell. She claimed in =

the contract they still get paid basically if they do not provide the =

service they advertise. I would warn any consumer against ever doing =

business with this company. Shady contracts and poor customer service =

are not traits of a company I would hire to handle home security.


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