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Posted on Sunday, August 12th, 2007 at 12:36pm CDT by 478477a0

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I recently purchased 2 Halogen Head lamps from Advance Auto Parts, the sales

person was polite and asked if I needed two or 1. I stated that I should

probably get two because I was not sure if both Higbeams were out or not and

told him if it doesn't work I will just return them.

After getting home and determining the bulb(s) were not the cause, I tried

to return the bulbs 1.5 hours later. I was then told that because I had

touched the bulbs I could not return them and that they were no good

anymore. I am now trying to understand how I am supposed to put a bulb in my

car without touching it and if that is the case, why was I not told this at

the point of sale and where does it say this on the bulb package. In my

opinion this is not any way to treat customers. I will be calling the

Regional President and will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER and did I say NEVER shop at

ADVANCE AUTO PARTS again. It is my mission to deter everyone that I know

from ever shopping at this store.


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b1628880, 2009-01-14, 12:31PM CST

if you touch a bulb with your greasy fingers their life expectancy is greatly reduced. they should have returned it but there are to many cases of people putting the old bulbs in the new packages and returning them. we all have to pay for other people's scams

acdc6446, 2009-11-16, 05:15PM CST

In this situation it is unfair to blame Advance Auto Parts for someone elses inexperience. I have worked on cars for 30 years now and this is one reason that there are certified mechanics. They know the proper procedure for handling and repairing of vehicles. Most people have their own field of expertise. I surely don't know everything, but if I handle or damage something because of my own inexperience, I surely wouldn't go back and blame the store or company that I purchased the item from. It has been in my experience that there is a little piece of foam that is included in the package with the bulb. It is not used for cleaning under your finger nails, but is used for handling the halogen bulb. If the foam wasn't included, I would find something to use to handle the bulb properly. The reason that you are not supposed to touch the bulb with your bare finger is because the oil from your skin penetrates the surface of the bulb and damages it. I have made my share of mistakes over the years. I learned a lesson from my mistakes. I didn't blame anybody else for my inexperience.

Just a Thought,

Jack Regnets

a9f52989, 2010-06-30, 07:26PM CDT

Please read the instructions of the package before doing anything. You can't blame anyone but yourself for your own actions and not following the correct and proper directions by the manufacture. Hopefully you learn from this experience and understand that if you can't do something correct please leave it to the professionals.

That is my two cents.


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