Stearns & Foster Bond Street King Mattress and Box Springs

Posted on Friday, August 10th, 2007 at 5:58pm CDT by af9d24dc

Company: Stearns & Foster Bond Street King Mattress and Box Springs

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We took delivery of a Stearns & Foster Bond Street King matress and box =

springs December of 2005. It was sold to us by Finger Furniture Stores =

at their Sugar Land, Texas location. This mattress was recommended as =

the new top of the line set by the salesman. This model was an upgrade =

from the previous Stearns and Foster we purchased from Fingers that was =

extremely uncomfortable a short time after we bought it. Fortunately we =

had a one time exchange if we were not satisfied. The bad part is the =

new Bond Street model within 6 months started to sag so bad we have to =

throw are legs out to help pull our body out of the depression in the =

mattress. Back pain and leg pain from this poorly supported mattress =

are now so bad we sleep on the couches. They are more comfortable than =

this $3500.00 bed/mattress. Fingers was notified to see what could be =

done. They sent a technician out to look at the bed. They replied back =

by letter they could not warranty the bed because of stains on the =

mattress. There are no stains on the mattress. We paid extra to get =

the mattress cover to protect it from stains. I will not shop Fingers =

again. We now are paying on this expensive bed and can't even sleep on =

it. I have seen similar reviews with the same problems with the Stearns =

& Foster products. I would not recommend Stearns and Foster products to =

anyone. I hope people heed this warning. When you check a mattress pay =

close attention on how firm the first two feet of the sides are when you =

sit on the edge. If it is not firm and you notice the sides crunch down =

you will regret the day you bought the mattress. Honestly if this =

mattress cost a $1.00 I would not buy it.

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3475ffd1, 2007-09-16, 11:54PM CDT

How funny! we felt the same way after only a month on our queen. Got a Sealy Posturputic instead. I could never get out of bed, not to metion being able to roll out of the pit created by my 210 lb boyfriend. Wish I would have read this in July.

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