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Posted on Wednesday, August 1st, 2007 at 9:37pm CDT by cd3a8844

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So I guess what you are confirming is that is OK for you to make a product

where some fails in less than the 36 months that has nothing to do with mileage

that you feel that's OK to make and install such a shabby product on what

used to be the good name of Chrysler.

And that its OK to have parts that don't last 3 years , but you use the

mileage excuse to deny a claim even though you and I know that mileage should not

have anything to do with power window motors that fail at the same time. No

wonder people are moving to foreign made cars that stand up better and have a

better warranty.

I guess "US" is not the best anymore!

Very dissappointed...R.W. Helm Sr.

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