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Carpet One / Flooring business. 10306 E 71st Tulsa, OK 74133

My wife and I recently purchased carpet from Carpet one and when we first signed the contract we felt confident that we had gotten a good deal on our carpet. Of course the whole process felt more like buying a car than anything else as we haggled over price and the salesperson had to keep talking to his manager for approval. After deciding on a price I gave them our measurements and the salesperson informed me that he would have to come to our house and re-measure before ordering. I totally understood this because I am not a carpet installer and I had just gone to the web site of a well known home improvement store to get details on measuring rooms. My measurements came out to 1170 sqft. The night the salesperson came to our house he informed us that we would need 90 more sqft. I trusted him and told him to order more carpet. Now fast forward to the day the installers are at my house with the carpet. The subject of room measurements came up between me and the installer and he mentioned that he did not agree with the way the salesman had drawn the schematic for laying the carpet. I told him that it should not be an issue in that we order 90 more sqft. The installer told me that he did have anymore carpet than the original order. I asked him how much carpet he brought with him, he showed me his work order which had a request for 1173 sqft.- that is only 3 more sqft than my measurements. I asked the installer if this would work and he said that it would be close but he could do it. I called Carpet One and my salesman was on lunch, I left him a voicemail explaining the situation. About 30 minutes later the installer gets a call on his cell phone, it is the salesman yelling at the installer for allowing me to see the work order. I called Carpet On to speak to the manager and told him that this whole situation sounded sneaky and underhanded.

To wrap it up we ended up only getting charge for the original order of 1170 sqft. The salesman apologized for the supposed mix up. It was obvious the salesman was trying to make a little bit more of my sale. If it had not been for the conversation between the installer and me I would have paid for 90 sqft of carpet that I did not need and that never got delivered. Undoubtedly I can and will not recommend Carpet One to anyone!

R Brown

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26af2ca1, 2009-01-31, 03:54PM CST

Att:Mr. R Brown

Respected Sir/Madam,

We are sale carpet and rugs different conutry, But we want to purchase with you , If you will give me best answer ,So i will give you all details with instruction and full data forward your mail site with photos .

I hope that you will give me soon reply.

We are awaiting your reply 2nd Feb 2009.


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Aslam Kazim Hussain

Mraketing Manager

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