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Posted on Friday, April 6th, 2007 at 7:28pm CDT by 81eb23c1

Company: Bank Of America OverDraft fees

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Bank Of America

This bank Should Change its name. I would Think the name Stands for the people of America, Not So....

The people of America are hard working Middle class people is where they get all their Billions of Dollars from Cheating Us out of our Hard earned money with there absurd policy for overdraft fees. IF I hear how sorry I am. or I can Sympathize with you one more time....After the Stole 200.00 from my husbands hard earned paycheck which by the way was an honest mistake we made with their Stupid online banking System....This Bank is Made up of NOTHING but, Money Hungry excecutives who can give a CRAP about the little people..Kenneth Lewis made over 90 million dollars last year catering to the Immigrants..What about the Americans?I am Sure His family doesnt do without if he has a simple banking error, No, But my family of 6 will have to cut corners for 2 weeks until next paycheck. Thanks Mr. Lewis. How do you sleep at Night?.

Elyse DiMartino

Spring Hill, Fl


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39826f34, 2008-10-08, 09:54AM CDT

Don't feel to bad Im in the same boat. BOA took $995.00 from me in the year alone with there online banking and all there never ending rules that no one can keep up with. I'm going to sue them for excessive fees. I don't care if I win or lose. I am still going to sue. If anyone knows of a Lawyer that will take the case pleas email me. [email protected]

20557f35, 2008-10-20, 11:21AM CDT

I'm having a big problem with the overdraft fees or I as I call it robbing me blind fees. I checked my account one day and noticed that not one but two $35 overdraft fees had been deducted from my account. I called customer service to ask why, they said I overdrafted my account, I said I'm looking at my account and I had plenty of money before and after the fees. They said that the check I deposited two days prior did not post right away. I said ok, but I still had money in there for my two small purchases and I don't see where there was a negative. He said well your not going to see it on your end. I said ok, then send me what you see, he said he can't. I said it's my account why not. He said for security purposes. I freaked out on him. Needless to say, my husband and I are shopping for a new bank. The only bad thing is that I have a credit card with them and a line of credit. I'm stuck with them one way or another!

87613845, 2009-01-07, 11:10PM CST

Bank of American should be sued for what they are doing to people. For the last 6 months I have been asking questions about why every time it time for me to get pay day they have come up with overdraft fees. I have goone so for as to buying a pre- paid debit card and when I git paid I put half of what ever is left of my pay check on that card to make sure that my math was not bad and never one on that pre-paid card did I ever over daft. There was one time where I didn't touch my account for two weeks and it still over draft. This week I very mad I am a college student and don't make much and the week that I get a ok check Bank of robbery take my whole pay check Items that I know clear the bank a weeks ago they charge my account with this past week. I am tired of this and then it seems like they know how much money you make. with me it has been the more money I make the more they over draft my accont. Have you ever notce that when you look online at the Items that cleared your accont and then the next the same item clears again but with overdraft fees I work so hard to earn this money and then they took $300 from my account on things I knew that cleared the accout 2 weeks ago.

depressed college student.

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