Lakeview Upholstery

Posted on Friday, April 6th, 2007 at 2:48pm CDT by 3fc8c0c3

Company: Lakeview Upholstery

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I too, like previous users unfortunately was conned by Lakeview upholstery. I spent over $2,000 on my couches, only to have them ruined. The owner Joe, is a fast talking liar as a previous poster put. All he does is sell the fabric and ships off the furniture to another company to be upholstered. The people who delivered it told me themselves all Joe does is rip people off on the fabric. The people who reupholster do business furniture NOT residential. They use horrible foam for cushions and are not good at what they do. My couch had premium cushions and I ended up with horrible foam. The quality is horrible! I ended up with cushions that didn't fit and with shoddy sewing jobs. I ruined my own couches and lost money. I have never been so cheated. I tried contacting Joe multiple times, and it seemed that after complaining he recongnized my number and did not answer. I called with another line and he answered right away! This man knows he's a fraud! I wish I never had called Lakeview. Beware of these incredibly horrible business practice. Go elsewhere!!!! This is a fake company!


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