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Posted on Friday, April 6th, 2007 at 3:11pm CDT by b867b18a

Company: First Revenue Assurance

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I have a complaint against First Revenue Assurance, this company keeps

leaving a recorded message in my answering machine asking me to call back.

First of all I do not owe any money to anybody of any company, I had no

dealings with this company and I keep getting what I considered to be

harassing calls every day.

There has to be a way of protecting citizens of this country from

harassing practices by collection agencies like First Revenue Assurance.


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0b112d26, 2007-12-08, 01:20AM CST

I had the same problem and also received a threatening letter in the mail. I filed a complaint with the Denver BBB and with the Alaska Attorney General's office including all info and the letter I received. The AG has sent a letter to FRA outlining all the infractions they have made and the statutes (both federal and state) they have violated, stating each one can be fined up to $25,000. THey have violated many fair lending laws and more since we were cold called and never owed anything or was a customer of the business they were supposed to be collecting for (Sprint who doesn't even do biz in AK). I strongly suggest taking the same path; it's well worth the satisfaction and may curb this behavior in teh future. THey cold call as many people as they can find with the same name hoping to threaten someone into paying. A despicable practice.

5493ebbf, 2007-12-20, 05:38PM CST

We are having a very similar problem. They are very insistant that there is a twelve year old debt on a credit card that was never issued to us and does not show up on any credit reports. When I called the company back one time to asked for information about them the call taker got mad at me for asking questions.

I would sure like to know how to get them to stop calling since I am convinced that this is a scam but they don't back down.

3b1e99c9, 2008-01-24, 08:47PM CST

I'm starting to have the same problem. We switched our phone number, and so this man calls me again and again to our new number... when I answer, he says "Who am I speaking to". This is such a pet peeve of mine, since he called me... I've never given out my name like that, so I ask, "Who are you trying to reach." He told me something like "First mother of God". This completely freaked me out, so I hung up. He called back and I made my husband answer. The same guy called back only to tell my husband that "it would have been nice if your wife told me I had the wrong number so I wouldn't waste a phone call..."

Hopefully we got the message across that we're not who he's looking for... but I think they need to put their collection agents into anger management and phone manners classes.

30be2a79, 2008-05-04, 03:20AM CDT

Heres my story of my experience with first revenue assurance. I had cingular wireless in 2005, they sent me a bill for $3,500 for 1 months worth of service it had 27,000 text messages in it I told them i would not pay this bill as my previous bills was $100 and they made a mistake well they sent it to a collection agency and i told them the bill was in dispute. I ended up paying $1,100 to cingular in sept 2006. In october 2007 they sent my paid bill to First revenue assurance I told them i paid this bill i have proof and i faxed them my receipt and a email from cingular they told me that i made up a fax number and told me that i owned 2cars and a home in my town i ask them if they were threatening they said no just making a observation. I told them to contact cingular they said cingular was out of it since they sold them the account i contacted cingular and was told there is nothing they could do about it because its up to the collection agency to stop it i told them it is in your records i paid this bill in 2006 and you sent it to them in 2007 how can you say you cant stop them i was told all they can do is tell them to stop calling me. so now i am out fifty dollars in phone calls and ten dollars in faxes cause i paid a bill

2ac96a55, 2008-05-27, 04:58PM CDT

I just got off of the phone with one of First Revenue Assurance's RUDE collection agents. He was calling about an account that I had with Sprint that I have been disputing since March 2007. (Long story ... basically, I canceled my husbands cell phone after he died in 12/06. His contract was up in 3/07, yet Sprint continued to bill me EVERY MONTH for his phone. Finally, in 10/07, I terminated all of our accouts with them.) Anyway, this man was TOTALLY RUDE!!! He said that they (First Revenue) would continue to call me every day, at all hours ... even waking me up, until I settled this debt. When he started using fowl languate, I hung up on him. Does anybody have any suggestions on what to do about this???

2f6ffb87, 2008-06-03, 08:09AM CDT

The also are harrassing my poor parents. I have been trying to make the payment from overseas but thier system doesnt take checks from intl banks.

Ive called every number today and have received no answer. All i want is to pay the bill so they stop antagonising my mother and father!

b7e54dfe, 2008-07-12, 09:35PM CDT

Yeah there's a way to protect citizens from these kind of calls. It's called calling them back; making sure they have the wrong number and informing them of that fact so it can be removed from there system...and if you're not the person they're looking for they can move on to finding the correct contact information for that individual.

b7e54dfe, 2008-07-12, 09:44PM CDT

First of all your lying. Its illegal to call all hours and even if he said they can't and havent done that. As far as your husband's you have anything in writing from sprint saying the account was canceled; what your FINAL bill was; and a reciept bank statement or confrimation number with that final payment amount on it? If not then you need to get it. And you're dispute is with sprint not the collection agency. You should have written a dispute letter to both sprint and first revenue within 30 days of recieving the first collection notice (and sent both letters certified and kept copies of the receipts) then sent a cease and desist letter to first revenue advising to to only contact via mail and kept all letters you recieved from them. Then you would have been free from the calls. But most importantly you need documentation from Sprint saying the account was canceled and the final ammount was paid!

b7e54dfe, 2008-07-12, 09:48PM CDT

I've worked in customer service for 6 years and collection for 2. I can be one of the nicest and most professional people, but when you sit on a phone for 8 hours a day straight being polite as a peach and as soon as you identify yourself you get screamed at, cussed at, and played games'd be a bit rude sometimes too. You'd be surprised at some of the things I've heard over the phone from everyone from children to a receptionist at a place of business! What happened was an honest mistake.

b7e54dfe, 2008-07-12, 09:55PM CDT

Are you kidding me? The letter was probably stating they would do an asset investigation on you which they have the right to do. And the only reason it got that far is because you didn't dispute it, file a police and fraud report, and you probably hung up on them every time they called. If sprint doesn't do business in your state if the collection agency had the correct information then I would say it was fraud. People act like collection agencies are the scum of the earth, and yes I will admit Ive met and heard of some stupid collectors but front line collections only have the info thats given to them directly from the client.. i.e. Sprint. The name number address and social security number on the account is what sprint had in there office. So if the info was yours, but you never had the account, and never properly disputed it or protected yourself, how is the collection agency at fault for doing their job?

10c28b38, 2008-09-24, 11:48AM CDT

I just spoke with a woman from First Revenue Assurance who told me she would go to her office and "call me right back." That was over an hour ago. I returned the call a second time and spoke to the rudest man! I informed him I was going to report his attitude, to which he replied, "Ma'am, I am not in the business of customer service. I ain't got no attitude - YET." I called with a simple inquiry and all I got was ugly comments. A great way to run a business! BBB will be getting a call from me! I have been fighting with the referenced company over a very small amount of money they want to collect after service was cancelled by me. In case you are wondering, that company was ADT. They aren't easy to deal with either, so consumer beware. ADT won't cancel my contract and have turned in a few dollars to this collection agency.

81bf9b7f, 2009-01-08, 10:42AM CST

You are not alone. They were calling our number for a person we never heard of. Despite returning their call several times to have our number removed, they kept calling. Today, I called once more, the rep wouldn't give me his name, wouldn't transfer me to a manager, then he hung up on me. I called back and spoke with a manager, who ALSO hung up on me. What they do with recorded calls "monitored for customer service" is beyond me.

David C., 2009-02-23, 11:23AM CST

Our problem is not live calls, but constant automated calls; when I called back, as requested, the woman, who was quite polite, couldn't find anything specific, thought the bill was for a phone, possibly Sprint from several years before. No phone or account number. We did have a dispute with Sprint several years ago,eventually paid it under protest. Problem is probably primarily Sprint, whose customer service and corporate ethics have traditionally been the worst in the industry (customer service annually rated among the five worst in any business in US), but First Revenue should at least be able to provide enough information to know what this dispute is about.

6d239aa5, 2009-06-23, 05:38PM CDT

I'm sorry, but even in a bad economy like this, if you can't get a better job than sucking the life out of people (consumer collector), then you're a scum bag. Work at a grocery store, do something; but sitting in an air conditioned office in a cubicle all day and then complaining because people aren't happy to hear from you, tough sh*t.

4136e6a5, 2009-06-29, 07:15PM CDT

Evidently everyone in the office is an idiot or took the same rude customer service class. I received call after call from MS. CARN who is beyond rude. She is asking for the wrong person, offers to set up a settlement and then says that she will no longer speak to me about the account because I am not who she is trying to reach; waits a day or so and calls right back. She's throwing around terms like 'identity theft' but will not acknowledge that she cannot get in touch with the right person.

I called back to speak to a manager/supervisor and got the same treatment from another person who never did put them on the phone. I really wish I could meet this CARN in person.

744fa506, 2009-07-25, 11:14AM CDT

Today I a received a call from First Revenue Assurance concerning an account I had with a book club. I have not been paying the book club because I made repeated attempts in the past to cancel my subscription with them and they continued to send me books and to bill me. I told the rep with First Revenue this and told him that I had no intention of paying them. After I hung up the phone, I received a call from a "private number" and the caller said "I am going to kill you." I recognized the voice of the caller because he had a very distinct accent. The threatening caller was the rep from First Revenue Assurance. I called First Revenue Assurance and spoke with a supervisor and I was told that there was nothing I could do. I called the local police and reported this. While I was on the phone with the police the private number caller called a second time. I was told by the police to make a formal report to the FCC and the BBB. I was told that the FCC would consider this an illegal violation of customer privacy as well as a terrorist threat. I also intend to contact my attorney and local United States Senator regarding this matter. Maybe Lindsey Graham can help put a stop to illegal harassment on the part of this company and other collection agencies. I intend to contact my local news outlets if I do not feel satisfied that my complaint is being addressed by those in authority. We shall see if there is "nothing I can do."

f918fb1a, 2009-08-11, 09:40AM CDT

This company does not even place a live call. They get ahold of your cell phone number and constantly leave recorded messages - even if you pick up the phone. I have called them and discovered that they are trying to collect on a 10+ year old disputed bill (which is uncollectible by law, under the NYS Statute of Limitations). I asked them to send me something in writing (so I could properly dispute the debt in writing) and they never did. They just keep dialing.

8b1d4bfe, 2009-10-25, 03:00PM CDT

I'm not surprised this credit collector did not want to receive emails. Scum of the earth. I sure would like to form some sort of nationwide protest group that would go to government and get some sort of relief from these abusive and terrorist companies. I'd even hold the health care reform stuff for later on just to get these scum companies.

4260a374, 2009-10-27, 05:46PM CDT

The calls began about a month ago. Twice a week like clock work. I returned the call only to learn that they were looking for someone else. They promised to remove me from the call list. Time will tell. DO NOT ENGAGE WITH THEM FOR ANY REASON. IF A DEBT IS OWED, WORK WITH THE CREDITOR NOT WITH SOME IDIOT COLLECTION AGENT.

da6cf82d, 2009-11-06, 10:00AM CST

I called the number back FOUR TIMES. Each time they could not "find" my number in their system and told me that I should not be receiving phone calls. And then I receive another one. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, she told me that she could not find my number either and hung up. I called back again when I received yet another phone call, and they told me the same thing. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, they did a cold transfer into a voicemail. How do I stop these calls. Obviously there is some mistake, but it is getting under my skin now.

80835fda, 2009-12-01, 08:39PM CST

I just got off the phone with a collector. I finally got them to tell me what company they are calling from. I had asked them several times before to take my number off of their list but it they still haven't. I think that they may finally do so now that I have their company name!

7611e5fc, 2009-12-26, 04:42PM CST

I have been getting calls at an old Google Voice account that I no longer use, but regularly check. This company has pretty much called so often that I could no longer use that as a personal number, and only use it for business accounts.

They call more then once a day, they call almost everyday, however are nice enough to take a break every few weeks to make me think they gave up.

I do not acknowledge the debt they claim my "name" has, because they have not provided me with any documentation, or account numbers of said debt. I also do not acknowledge the debt because they refuse to tell me the company they are collecting said debt for and amounts.

I suggest to those out there who are being harassed by this company to politely ask, and then demand they stop calling. After that, it is time to send letters to them requesting and demanding them stop calling, and all communication will be done via certified mail at their expense. Thats my option Im taking.

8650bc92, 2010-01-04, 12:26PM CST

I have a similar situation with a book club. I contacted them SEVERAL (maybe ten) times to say that they were charging me for books I had NEVER ordered/received. The amount is VERY small, but it involves "LATE FEES" that the club charged every month. The club NEVER responded to any correspondance I sent them and now this is about the fourth collection agency they have used for this issue. I WILL NOT BE PAYING THE LATE FEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5d48a667, 2010-02-12, 06:30PM CST

We get at least 2 or more calls a week for some one who doesn't live at our phone number or address. We would like to have it stopped. If it doesn't stop we are going to contact the State of Colorado State Attorney office. All so Oregon General Attorney office. Also the Department of Finance & Fraud.

7c4e07a8, 2010-03-11, 09:08PM CST

I keep getting messages on my answer machine from First Revenue Insurance and American Agency and I too owe no money. I refuse at this point to call these people back. There must be some agency or blockage that can be put on these companies.

be226b3d, 2010-03-15, 05:55PM CDT

I was getting the same calls, I got their number from my caller ID 303-595-4400. Call them and they can look up why it is calling you. I did and my home number was mis-entered for some business that I won't name.

027e66a1, 2010-05-10, 08:42AM CDT

this is a collection agency that has 5 phone numbers, only one of which is answered by a person 800.452.8139. Very nice but after you pay them they send you a letter to send to the credit bureau agencies. Mine was for hospital visit for my son. You'd think since they put it on the credit report that they would take it off when paid :o(

744016f5, 2010-10-12, 08:37PM CDT

My son owes money to a phone service.

First revenue calls my house all the time. I called them and told them he doesn't live here anymore. They still keep calling, so now when they call, I

call them back up to 30 times and hang up. I suggest we all do this, it'll

piss them off and tie up their phone lines. I'm even planning to go to Denver

and have a face to face with the two bitches that run the company, won't be funny then

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