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I am writing to complain about the company called support kids based out of

Texas. I was given their number from my mother who kept pestering me to sign

with them; she would see their advertisement on television. Since my

ex-husband is backed up to over 20,000 in non-support...I guess she felt

since the Division of Child Support could not enforce him to pay that maybe

this company could. Well, when I originally called by in Jan-06 just to get

some information about what this company was about. The customer service

representative explained how they are better able to handle my case than the

division of child support enforcement, since they have hundreds of case per

case worker for the state and this company (support kids) does not. They

explained how they could put liens on his property, take his to court for

show causes, suspend his license, and even more. Then comes the

kicker...they told me that they would get 475.00 dollars first from whatever

money they collected toward the support and then anything after that would

come to me except for 15 percent on the dollar. So at that time I think he

was knee deep into about 15-17 thousand and I did my math and was like that

is a H*ll of a lot of money to give up, especially when it is money that is

owed to me. So I explained to the lady that I would think about it and get

back to them.

Over the months they hounded me like crazy, they called me, and they sent

letters. Explaining how they could better serve me and my child and get my

money that was owed to me. After several months of trying to avoid them and

calling the division of child support, I finally decided to give it a try

and I signed on with Support kids in July of 06. My case representative was

a lady named Mrs. Wilson. Our first point of contact was not a real pleasant

one. She called me trying to present to me a deal that was in her words "too

good to pass on". She was trying to convince me that I should settle with my

ex-husband for 10 thousand dollars. Eight he would pay up front and then the

remaining two would be in payments. Immediately I asked her, why would I

settle for half of what is owed to me and then on top of that you are going

to get 15 percent of it…which means I will get less than the ten that you

are trying to get me to agree to. She told me that I should hurry and jump

on this deal because the division of child support is not going to ever be

able to recoup the money for me. So I then asked her, that I thought that

they were supposed to try and get all of my money for me, never did it state

in my contract that I would be settling for some deal. She proceeds to get

upset with me because I was not willing to accept this deal with her and my

ex-husband. So I then asked her, who was she working for him or for me. At

that point she got frustrated with me and told me that she would let me go

and think about it and she would call me back in few days, but that I should

really hurry.

I never took the deal. Some how they got him to make another payment of

250.00 which most went to the start up fee and I finally got a check for 153

dollars in December of 06. Keep in mind that my support is 488.00 a month.

In January of 07, I got a call from Mrs. Wilson stating that she could no

longer handle my case. She said that she has put in too many hours on it and

that she would be passing it to someone else. I told her that this would not

be helpful to me and my situation because I would then be starting over. She

then went on to tell me all the lies that my ex-husband told her. I asked

her could my case just be terminated with them since clearly they were

unable to help me with my situation. She stated that I should look at my

contract and see if I could get out. And I did just that, according to my

contract there are four ways they can end the agreement. 1- they collect the

specified amount. 2- I notify them within 7 days of the agreement. 3 – I do

not receive any payments for twelve consecutive months. 4- Support kids

determines it my not be successful on my case.

Well from the looks of it, clearly I fall under category number 4. So I call

support kids back and explain the conversation that I had with Mrs. Wilson

and the customer representative says that all I have to do is submit it in

writing and they will close my case. So I did that and about a month later I

get something on their website saying that they have reviewed my request and

that they were denying it. So I called them back and asked why. I state that

clearly if you can’t collect the money then they goes under category number

4. She tells me that they are still trying but they need me to get them a

phone number because he has disconnected his. I then go on to say that you

are not doing any more than what child support is doing, I thought you could

take him to court or suspend his license. She says well the division of

child support enforcement can also do that…so why are they not doing. I then

tell her well, I am not paying them..but you on the other hand have gotten

475 dollars and on top of that you stand to make 15 percent of whatever you

collect. She tells me that there is no point of them ending the agreement,

it would benefit me to keep them and the division of child support because

this way I have to entities working for me. That is a bunch of bull crap, I

tell her…you guys see how much you stand to make off of the 20 grand and

that is why you refuse to allow me to sever ties with you. She gets rude and

tells me that I signed it and I am not getting out of it for twelve months

and she hangs up.

It is now March and I have yet to receive any money from Support kids, they

have posted something on their site saying they have no way of contacting

him and if I know of a way please inform them. (but they are working for me)

Nevertheless, I attempted to make another plea with the division of child

support to try and enforce something on him. They informed me that they can

not even do anything with my case because when they did get a hit on his

place of employment, they submitted a wage withholding and then after they

did that and was working with him employer, Support Kids submitted one also

and they were calling his job and harassing his boss and because of that he

is not working with either company. The division of child support told me

that they have made several attempts to contact Mrs. Wilson at support kids

to work with her to get the money coming and she is not willing to work with

them and will not give them any information as far as payments that have

been made to their company. I gave them the list of payments that show on

their website, because what the division of child support was trying to do

was make sure he gets credit for those payments. Which is fine with me..I am

in no way trying to get something for nothing.

But I say all of this to say that Support Kids is a scam in my opinion. They

refuse to let me out of the agreement, even though it clearly states that I

can be. And even after their representative told me that all I had to do was

fax my letter over and that would be the end of it. Support Kids could care

less about me or my child and I believe that they only took my case because

it was such a high amount owed. They never did what they said they would do,

they never suspended his license and they never took him to court. When I

talked to my case worker with the division of child support she told me that

they lied to me. They do not have the authority to do any of those things

because he is not in their jurisdiction. Just as if he moved out of the

state of Virginia and into another state the division of child support would

not be able to do anything else for me in the State of Virginia. Based on

that alone, I would think that would go under number four also. But because

they stand to gain a substantial amount of money on what is collected then

they are forcing me to the agreement. Even if they can not find him…is that

not the craziest thing. So I told them that I would put my story out their

so nobody else falls victim to them. And please don’t ask to speak to a

supervisor or the President of the company…because apparently they are all

that person. Just be careful moms, to all of you who may be desperate like I

was. Thinking that maybe there could be light at the end of that tunnel if

you sign with Support Kids…don’t. You are better waiting it out with the

Division of Child support Enforcement. At least they are working for you and

your kids and they are not taking 15 percent of what should be going to the


To…I hope you post this story because it true and it is not a

scam, at least not on my part.


Frustrated Mom - Tess


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d4cc8c7d, 2008-02-08, 11:01AM CST

i understand completely, i am having problems with them as well, as far as canceling services with them, i wrote a letter to the ceo yesterday, i suggest you do the same. this is the letter i wrote...

Mr. Sehlke,

I hope this letter reaches you in good health, im writing this letter to voice my disappointment in service that I received yesterday. I want to first start off by saying that I know that your company works hard to help parents all over the United States, and you have a great reputation. In the short time I dealt with support kids, your service spoke for itself, so when I had a not so pleasant experience with your VP Yvonne Devany, I was saddened, and disappointed, and I wanted my concerns to be heard.

Just to give you a little back ground, I filed for child support with my government agency almost two years ago, within that time they hadn??t collected anything except one IRS intercept payment. At the end of 2006, I was at my wits end. My daughter had to be removed from all of her extra curricular activities, and I was in credit card debt due to using my credit to support her. So I finally said, im going to try support kids, this was at the very end of December, December 31st to be exact all my paper work had been submitted, shortly after that my case was accepted. I was happy to see you all working on things so quickly. By the beginning of January I called my local government agency to let them know I was getting a third part involved, and at that time I was advised that they had finally located the non custodial parents employer, and sent a garnishment off on January 3, 2008. I was beyond happy to hear this, and thought just my luck as soon as I get someone else involved, they are able to collect. At that time I called your company; to advise you all of what was taking place. I was told that I needed to send in a written request for termination, it would be reviewed, and because the county collected the money I was told that the case would be closed. I proceeded to do just that, faxed in a request, which I am told was received January 21st, 2008. As of last week, my county agency advised me that the state of California had a payment for me in the amount of 264.00, and it was mailed out on January 31st. This was just in time for me, we had no groceries, and I had no money to put gas in my car, so I figured I would receive the money over the weekend, and it would be a relief. I proceeded to write a check to cover my groceries, and used a credit card to fill my gas tank. The weekend came, and still no check, Monday came, still no check. I just figured that the county was being slow as usual. Thank God we had food, so I wasn??t that panicked, but by Wednesday I knew something was odd. I then called my local agency and they advised me that the check had been sent to support kids, due to the request for my mail to be forwarded. I somehow thought because I had in a request to terminate with you all, that my mail wouldn??t be forwarded, so no biggie, I advised the county to change the mailing address back to my home address, which they did. At this point I gave you guys a call, thinking no problem you would be sending my check ASAP, I assumed it was obvious that the state had collected these funds, especially since I already gave you all notice of this. When I made the call yesterday I first spoke to a customer service representative who advised me that my payment had been received on February 4th, 2008, and it was on hold due to my request for termination being reviewed. I understood the policy, but I needed help, and frankly I needed an exception. I felt like I was in a nightmare, once again I needed gas, and to pay my electric bill, and assumed you all would have had my check in the mail, or would mail it once I called. The customer service representative advised me I had to wait out the 30 day process, again I fully understand your policies and procedures, but I needed an exception, I needed the process expedited. At that point I asked to speak with a supervisor; I was told that the immediate supervisor wasn??t available, so I then asked to speak with the next person up. I was told that would be the vice president, who also was not available. I then asked was anyone available of rank, I will wait; I didn??t want to wait on a 48hr call back. I was put on hold for a moment, and then was transferred to Yvonne. I began explaing the situation to her, and to my surprise she was abrupt. My disappointed began to rise at this time, I didn??t understand how someone of such rank in your company was talking to me in such an abrupt manner, I was being cut off, and I was told that there was a process in place, and an audit that needed to be done. Again I want to say that I totally understand the process, and I didn??t want any special treatment, I just wanted some understanding. What I didn??t like most of all is that Yvonne advised me that she needed something from my government agency showing that a garnishment was in place, and that my word wasn??t good enough. I also understand that, but I didn??t understand why she chooses to speak to me in such a manner, she then went on to say that it wasn??t clear whether the payment actually came from a garnishment. I then asked her why she would be implying that support kids collected the payment, when it is more then obvious that the payment was collected, and forwarded by my government agency, this made me mad. She responded by saying ??we don??t know that?? meaning we don??t know that they (the government) collected the money. For some reason I was insulted, I never had any intention of not honoring your contract, and if you all collected the money, then no problem, but you didn??t, and it was more than obvious. She told me I needed to get proof of the garnishment from my government agency, and forward it to you all. I advised her I could do that right then, she said she couldn??t hold, and then made the comment ??I have other parents I have to help??. Now don??t get me wrong, I know im not the only person on the planet, but this was so rude, especially from a VP. I then asked her if I could have her direct number to call her back, once I got the information, she wouldn??t give me a direct number, just call back, and you can ask for me, and if im not available I will be emailed. I just thought this was beyond unprofessional for someone of her rank, I felt like I was being brushed off. I myself hold a supervisor position, and I never withhold my last name, nor phone number when dealing with a client/customer. I was so surprised, because when I sought after service from you all, I got nothing but great service, you all even solicited my business. But in my moment of desperation, that great service was turned off. Again, I was surprised and disappointed. At this point I advised Yvonne I would get the necessary information from my government agency, and I could call her back within 30 minutes, she then told me she wouldn??t be available within the next fifteen minutes. I just threw my hands up, and ended the conversation with her. I called my local agency, explained the situation, and got the necessary information. I then called back to support kids, asked for Yvonne, and she wasn??t available. I spoke with Ginger, who again gave me great service, and again made me wonder why I had gotten the worst experience from a superior. Ginger said she was emailing my information to Yvonne as we spoke, I told Ginger to let Yvonne know to call me once she received my information. AS of 12:30pm 2/7/08 I have not heard from Yvonne. Im certain this situation will be resolved, I know that, but last night I tossed and turned thinking about the conversation I had with Yvonne, it bothered me. Ive never written a letter to a company before, never! But this really touched home, especially when I went to your website today, and I read Yvonne??s bio, everything in her bio was contrary to the service she gave me yesterday, and I just felt that you should know about it. Was I no longer worth respect because I no longer need your services? I just didn??t understand, and again I wanted you to know. I hope this letter is not taken lightly, because im letting every person I know, to not do business with your company due to the experience I had with Yvonne yesterday. This is one situation I feel strongly about, and I pray doesn??t go unnoticed.


655c903c, 2008-03-30, 08:56PM CDT

Were you able to get out of contract with them? I also am trying to get out of contract. Thanks

5d0af65d, 2008-04-10, 07:06PM CDT

Thank God, I'm not the only unhappy Supportkids Mom. In short, I thought my arms were to short to box with them, but if we put our arms and strength together we can outbox them.

There is another site that if we bombard them enought Supportkids stories it will go out over the nations TV wire and will be broadcast to all the

News Stations.


d4f8a17b, 2008-04-14, 02:36PM CDT

I'm experiencing the same problem. Support kids could not get any money for me for apx. 10 months. I asked if I could cancel. They said that I'd have to wait 12 months w/ no progress. In the meantime I went to atty general who was very successful. With in 3 months, they got me apx $480. I then get a notice from Supportkids saying "hey look what we got for you, a check for $13.13. I called the attorney generals office and got proof that monies collected was from their direct attempt to collect and their wage withholding order. I called support kids, provided them w/ this proof and told them to release the monies, being that they are simply taking fees they did not earn. They did not even take out a wage w/holding order. They did absolutely nothing. I also asked that they cancel. I've not heard anything yet, but I am sure they are going to try to keep me in the contract. Their has got to be something that we can do to fight this.I read that the state of Kentucky (I think) sued them because they were hindering the state from processing correct amounts collected. In other words people were going to jail for non payment because they were not reporting it to the govt. agencies.


eb0c0fb1, 2008-05-06, 03:58PM CDT

I understand all too well about the services of Support Kids. I have been working with them since '04 and have not been able to get out of my contact. They are not collecting my past due support, only my current support. When I questioned why they are not going after the past due support, I was told, "we are collecting only what is due you." The hell they are, my ex owes me over $200,000 and makes close to $100,000 and has a welders license. They are collecting $598 a month, which is what is current. My research shows that 75% of his wages can be garnished for back support if he has no dependents and 50% if he has dependents At the rate they collecting, I will be collecting till the day I die. My kids are in college and I am broke. I can't get out of my contract and they take 1/3rd of what they collect. MO Child Support Enforcement won't work on my file because Support Kids is involved.

2de8fe23, 2008-05-16, 06:50PM CDT

Hello, I to signed up for Support Kids to get money owed to my children and they assured me they could do that, but they have posted a comment like "We have exhausted all options" and your letter is so mine, I would have wrote the same exact thing, I need to get out of it but I like you can't get anyone to email me or call me back.

Thank You for your letter


a1c61b0d, 2008-07-16, 12:44AM CDT

Hello. I am relieved, suprised and saddened by the experience you ladies are encountering. I am a non-custodial (nc) parent. Not by choice but not being able to afford a divorce lawyer and filing paperwork ALONG with not knowing the legal definitions ARE NOT the same as 'webster' definitions has left me in the position of nc parent.

I suffered the loss of my well paying job in 2004. I informed my children's mother of my situation so she would know why my normally regular payments were not being made. She did not believe me. Lots more to THAT portion of the story but to make a long story a tad bit shorter, in her disbelief she contracted support kids. They had a hard time tracking me down as I was in several different states trying to secure employment. Their initial contact left me with the impression that they were a government agency, WHICH THEY ARE NOT!!!! As a result of their suggestion (a nice lady named Terri) I sent them a few meager payments as sign of good faith. The children's mother never received them. Now I know why.

That job was temporary so, the relocating began again.

In the middle of 2007, I was contacted by a Linda Mayfield of Child Support Enforcement about my FELONY arrears. (anything above $2500 is a felony I believe but, they leave you feeling something different ESPECIALLY if you do not know your total balance, which I did not.)

Linda, actually yelled at me and said I was not paying my child support. I told her I was unemployed. She then went on to suggest I borrow it from friends or they are going to loan my broke ass money!!! However, DINGDING..first flag, bell and whistle! I recognized that as a classic 'COLLECTION AGENCY' tactic.

I ignored her calls for a few months until I secured employment...blahblahblah...story even shorter. I have since contacted the attorney general for the jurisdiction in which I owed. (NOT texas,,and support kids has no authority outside of their jurisdiction, which is texas)

I knew my wages were being garnished but I thought it was for taxes which I owed. Come to find out, the garnishment was for my child support...not the full amount mind you,,but the legal limit for my salary.

Linda was telling a bold faced lie. She said i was NOT paying my child support when in fact, I had been paying almost the full amount for roughly a year!!!

They have been harrassing me something awful and I did not know what to do. I was surpised when I came across this website and found MOTHERS submitting complaints regarding a company lauding itself NATIONALLY for its accomplishments/successful collections. Utter rubbish. They must be successful with nc's that know nothing of CSE support kids existence and are falling for their scare tactics. I am unfortunately relieved to know that I am not the only one. HOWEVER,,,I AM EXTREMELY SADDENED by what they are doing to you moms in regards to your nc parents that aren't paying JACK SQUAT!!! As if you need MORE problems and support kids taking money that you don't even have. They are WORSE than the IRS!!!!

SOMETHING needs to be done about this company!!! Osama had the wrong target! That's how upset and disheartened they have made me and apparently YALL!!!

They are making situations inherently worse for everyone and who suffers the worst? Our children!!!!!!

What can we do? How can we stop them?!?!?


534496cd, 2008-07-20, 04:44PM CDT

Harvey, I was contacted by Support Kids out of Texas. I paid child support while in the military. Continued until I retired. Out of the blue Support kids sent a ltr stating in owe ove r $134,000 in back child support. They said my-ex approve the amount. I talked to my ex she had no idea they were asking for this. If I owned that amount Id be in jail. After the complaints the only comment they said it was a typing error. But in that same letter they wanted me to have it notirized and sent it back to them. Thhey really must think people are not up to what they are doing

fffcb9b5, 2008-07-30, 11:29AM CDT

I have been with supportkids for almost 4 years and they charge 34% of what they collect, but I don't mind since without them I would receive nothing. They have taken my son's father to court and ordered him to pay more. He was put on 10 years probation and told that after our son turns 18 this year he still has to pay. They have arrested him and he had to make a payment, pay court costs before he was released. He still does not pay every month, because he doesn't like to work often but they will soon be putting a warrant out for him again. They are not fast in their work all this has took a while. I feel if he won't work and pay for his son he can be harrassed from them and he does complain and wants me to drop all this but I could have never of afforded a lawyer or even try to make him pay on my own. So I know they charge alot, but to me it's been worth it.

bcf4feee, 2008-08-06, 12:28PM CDT

Frustrated Mom - Tess: I am also going through the very exact same thing with this company that you have experienced. You couldn't have wrote a better letter or comment.

I do Thank you for this article. Knowing I am not the only mother out there thats also feeling like a victim of this company. There are so many mother like myself in need of whats owed to them and their children.

Sad part about all of this is the children are the real victims here.

This company Support Kids out of Texas is so easy going and helpful to you in trying to get you signed into this agreement please, please.. moms over the nation and other states do your homework or get some leagal advise on this company and their agreements before you sign or agree to anything ...


Come to far to turn around now...Mom

ba9306cc, 2008-09-07, 02:42PM CDT

Thank you for your letter. I have been debating for a few months on whether to sign the agreement. I only wanted them to pursue getting the arrears of $9,000. He does pay $50 a month, so I in no way wanted to part with that even though it doesn;t cover the school lunch for one of our 3 children.

I will not be siging on with them,


8c5ff296, 2008-09-20, 11:38PM CDT


b3561ad8, 2008-09-29, 06:35PM CDT

Was anybody able to get out of this contract with these people? I am even going to close the file with the state of PA. I get money directly from my ex and I'm not willing to let them take the % anymore..My child deserves all of the money! When i tried to call them I could not get her to answer any questions regarding breaking the contract....

1f4bbbff, 2008-10-02, 02:28PM CDT

I guess I found this site too late. I signed with them in December 07. They did manage to get me some money. A payment here and there. Today, however, I was informed by the Domestic Relations Office that they have been collecting the money and mailing it to Support Kids. So why am I paying them??? They didnt do anything!!! The other problem I have with them is very poor customer service. I am not proud of this, but I live on Housing Assistance and Food Stamps. Whenever they try to get info on my income, Support Kids will not respond. I am not recieving any money now, so I have to prove that. I cant get any response from Support Kids. I try and try. So if i don't get the info, I lose my housing and my food stamps. Just when I thought things were gonna be ok..... Now this!!! I am currently trying to find out how to get out of my contract.

a1ce5220, 2008-10-16, 12:57AM CDT

I also had a bad experience with this company! Don't sign with them! They are a scam, a ripoff and are dishonest!

In October 2007 I applied with Mecklenburg County Child Support Enforcement (the state agency) in Charlotte, NC to register an Order of Foreign Support with the Mecklenburg County Court, which changes the jurisdiction of enforcement of my child support order from SC to NC so it could be enforced since my ex husband lives in NC. During that time we were unsuccessful in locating him until May 2008 when I was able to track him down on my own and give his home address to the state agency.

However, in the time it took them to serve him with the order he moved again and we were once again unable to locate him to have the documents served. In June of 2008 I gave the state agency his employment information as well but they were unable to process a wage garnishment at that time since SC still had jurisdiction over my case and the York County, SC court requires the absent parent to appear in court to give consent for wage garnishment before they will garnish wages. They cannot, however, cross state lines to make him appear in court. Their hands were tied until the absent parent could be located and served with this court order in NC.

Because of this, I applied with Supportkids, Inc on July 3, 2008 hoping they would be helpful in locating him so that he could be served with the order to Register an Order of Foreign Support in NC and the state agency or Supportkids, Inc could collect the child support owed to my children. They promised they would locate him and collect payments on my behalf and, in return they would keep a percentage of each child support payment they collect to pay for their services.

I provided Supportkids, Inc with my ex husband's employment information, SS#, cell phone number and last known address and my application was accepted on July 7, 2008. The following day they contacted him and his employer and verified said information. According to their records online, they proceeded to call him again the following day and left a message on his voicemail and again on August 6, 2008.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, the state agency was able to locate him on their own and the order was served on him at his current address on the same day I applied with Supportkids, Inc. I wasn't made aware of this fact until I received a letter in the mail in late August, along with a copy of the court order, notifying myself and the non custodial parent that as of August 8, 2008, an order had been entered against him, jurisdiction had been moved to NC and his wages were subject to garnishment immediately.

This letter also had a copy of the Affidavit of Service which is how I know it was served on July 3rd. On that same day, August 8, 2008, the state agency was finally able to file the wage garnishment because the order was entered in NC and they had the jurisdiction to do so. On August 20, 2008 the first payment was received in the amount of $140.00 by North Carolina Centralized Collections in Raleigh, NC and another payment of $140.00 was received by the same state agency on August 25, 2008. I did not receive either of these payments.

At the end of August I found out that the reason I did not receive those payments is because Supportkids, Inc had intercepted the first payment and applied it to my account with them on August 26, 2008. The following day they applied the other payment I didn't receive to my account with them as well.

I immediately contacted Supportkids, Inc via their client response unit at (512) 437-6001 and explained the situation to the client advocate who took my call and was told that I would need to send any requests for refunds or termination of services to their office in writing via their PO box, fax or email. I complied with this request and sent a letter explaining the situation once again, a copy of the court order which shows the date it was served and the date it was entered into record with the Mecklenburg County courthouse in Charlotte, NC, a letter from my case worker at the state agency in NC detailing their timeline and verifying that they acted on information I had provided to them personally and information they had obtained independently without any assistance from Supportkids, Inc.

I was also informed by the case worker that the state agency never deals with Supportkids, Inc at any time. They do not act on information or requests received from Supportkids, Inc nor do they communicate with them at all. At the request of Supportkids, Inc, I also included a payment history from the state agency showing the payments intercepted by Supportkids, Inc were initially collected by NC Centralized Collections. I then sent all of this to Supportkids, Inc via the USPS, email and fax to ensure they received it in a timely manner. My account online was updated on September 8, 2008 with a message that they had received my request and would review my case and respond.

During this time they proceed to contact the non-custodial parent twice, harassing him to pay them directly even though his wages were already being garnished each week by the state agency and I had asked Supportkids, Inc to stop calling him since the state agency was handling it and their services were no longer required.

On October 1, 2008, my account online was once again updated to reflect a message stating:

After careful review of your case, the terms of the contract for services you have signed and your request to terminate service, we have concluded there is not sufficient cause to cancel your contract. You will receive a notice of this decision in the mail."

On October 2, 2008 I called Supportkids, Inc for an explanation and spoke with Casey, who refused to give me her last name or an operator ID but assured me she is the only Casey who works as a client advocate. I asked Casey to transfer me to the supervisor who denied my request to discontinue their services and was told that the supervisor would tell me the same thing she was going to tell me so I should speak to her instead.

I asked Casey why was the request and evidence I sent not sufficient to close my case with them and she stated that Supportkids, Inc is in fact garnishing the non custodial parent's wages themselves and that's why they wouldn't cancel. I informed her that the wage garnishment was not being handled by Supportkids, Inc but by NC Centralized Collections as I stated in my letter to them. She put me on hold to verify the information she was giving me and came back to inform me that the reason NC Centralized collections were garnishing the wages is because Supportkids, Inc had sent the request to do so on July, 29, 2008 and that's the reason they intercepted the payments and refused to close my case or refund the $280.00 they obtained from NC Centralized Collections.

I tried to explain the situation to her and she then asked me why I applied with Supportkids, Inc on July 3, 2008 if the state agency had already located him and I explained that I wasn't aware of it until the order was entered on August 8, 2008 and the notification was received in the mail in late August. She also asked why the state agency didn't garnish his wages before I applied with Supportkids, Inc if they had already served him with the necessary documentation, to which I replied because they didn't have jurisdiction over the case in NC until that document was served and entered as a judgment in the court in NC, after the mandatory waiting period for the noncustodial parent to respond to the request to transfer it from SC to NC.

She continued to argue that Supportkids, Inc was directly responsible for obtaining payment from the absent parent and refused to close my case. I asked her to transfer me to the supervisor after all and was told that no supervisor was available but I could leave a voicemail. She transferred me to the voicemail and I left a message requesting a call back before the end of business to rectify this situation or I would file a complaint with the necessary authorities. I have not received a call back as of yet.

After leaving the message with Supportkids, Inc, I called the state agency in NC to get the date they sent in the wage garnishment forms and was informed that it was filed on August 8, 2008; the same day the judgment was ordered on the absent parent at the courthouse. I asked if they had received any request from Supportkids, Inc that may have prompted them to do this and was told that they haven't received anything from Supportkids, Inc and was once again informed that even if they did, they would not act on it because they do not deal directly with Supportkids, Inc and they would only process a such a request from myself. I was made aware that the wage garnishment could not possibly have been filed before August 8, 2008 because the court in NC had no jurisdiction to enforce the order from SC until this Order to Register Foreign Support" was confirmed by the court on August 8, 2008.

When I signed up with Supportkids, Inc I had every intention of letting them keep the initial payment of $475 for the case development fee and the percentage they would take from each payment for the work they would do in locating the absent parent and collecting support from him. However, it's not fair or ethical for them to keep money they had no part in collecting. I provided them with sufficient evidence to prove that the state agency was able to secure payments on their own but they still refuse to refund the $280 they intercepted from NC Centralized Collections on my behalf or close my case with them.

Each time I call them about this matter I have to wait on hold for at least 15 minutes or more and am treated as if I'm an outright liar and dismissed and ridiculed. After I signed up with them and realized they were intercepting payments they had no right to, I began to research them a little more online; something I wish I had done before ever dealing with them. I found I'm not the only one they are preying on and I'm sure I won't be the last unless some kind of action is taken to regulate and monitor them more effectively. In hindsight, I would have never signed up with them if I had known that they would turn it over to the same state agency I was already working with. I certainly don't see a need to pay an initial fee of $475 and 34% of each payment as a "payment processing fee" for them to intercept payments from the state agency that the state agency collected on their own, and then forward them on to me.

Supportkids, Inc's claim that the state filed the wage garnishment as a direct result of the request they claim to have sent in July is invalid because there is no way any NC agency could have garnished his wages before the Confirmation to Register Foreign Support Order was registered on August 8, 2008.

Given the fact that the state agency chose August 8, 2008 as the date to file for the wage garnishment, it should be obvious that it was because that's the day the order was finally registered and NOT because of some letter they received from Supportkids, Inc. Even if they had acted on that letter.... ask yourself, is a couple of phone calls and a letter to an agency asking them to do something you've already asked them to do yourself really worth $475 upfront and 34% out of EVERYTHING collected after that? I don't think so.

2d5bbfa2, 2008-10-24, 06:55PM CDT

I have a similar problem. My ex-boyfriend owes me 40,000. Support Kids tries to call him once a month. I have written them numerous times to close my case. Support Kids will wait 30 days. They have simply refused. Every time he pays Support Kids takes 34% for doing nothing. They don't have a 1-800 phone number for parents to call. You would think for the percent the custodial parents pay they would be able to afford a 1-800 number. I feel like this company is a scam and is not out to help parents out here get child support for our kids. DON'T USE THIS COMPANY!!! Everyday I regret making the decision to use them.

ce4f14fd, 2008-10-28, 06:51PM CDT

what is so bad about this at the top of the page there is an ad for the very same company this lady wrote this about

4c82550c, 2008-11-04, 09:00PM CST

wow are you joking? how can they do that? that seems illegal. sounds immoral and unethical. I'm sure they're registered with the state, have you complained with the better business bureau there. they investigate shoddy cases like yours. if you haven't you really should.

2501c5e5, 2008-11-05, 09:16PM CST


8eda31c1, 2008-12-02, 09:42AM CST

Why don't someone put some phone numbers and office address on a site so others can see it They are after my dad also and he is 86 years old and we will be going to see A LAWYER tomorrow about this so ifanyone knows a number and address please e-mail me at [email protected] thank you so much.

c813a54c, 2008-12-15, 10:38AM CST

I too am just one of many other custodial parents involved with this company by signing a contract. I too should have done more research but was so impressed with their advertisements and very much in need of assistance with my case,so as with most during a vulnerable time, it was easy for their pleasant representatives to convince me to sign up. That ALL changes the minute they have the needed signature on their contract.

However they deny such long hold times, rude customer service representatives, refusal of speaking to a supervisor when one is requested, false statements about what their participation has been, refusal to provide to me in writing what the "specified amount" is and so on.

I currently have an open complaint with the Better Business Bureau against them, they just responded and it is unbelievable to see in writing their view of my dissatisfaction.

Dissatisfaction is not the word, I am now in receipt of documentation mailed to the non custodial parent that lists a case number that does not exist, dollar figures no where near the amount owed, and a reference to a court filing in a county and State in which I have never resided or filed a suit in. Had I not seen this with my own eyes I would never believe such processes were taking place.

I knew they have misleading advertisments and make false statements to me regarding their actions, however to represent me using absolute false information is unacceptable.

Not only that, how is it they came up with a dollar amount owed in arrears for this "lien" they were placing against the non custodial parent, but can not provide to me or the Better Business Bureau what my "specified amount" is until they do some computation?

In my opinion sending documents to non custodial parents listing large amounts of money owed for cases that never existed and making statements that there is a lien being filed against them could potentially place the other parent in a dangerous situation.

Everyone that has issues with this company should file with the BBB, I have also sent a letter revoking my "Authorization of Release" to Supportkids with a copy of my complaint and copies of the documentation I am in receipt of to the Texas Attorney General and the Court in the State I currently reside.

We will see what happens but I will pursue this to the end, the line was crossed with the latest activity I became aware of.

-Another Mom Wronged

f8b7b859, 2008-12-17, 04:42PM CST

My husband owes a debt to child support in Kent County MI. Supportkids contacted us, saying they were "Child Support Services" which, in the state of GA, is a government agency. Well, we were contacting the court, whom the monies were due to, during this time, and assumed this man was a legitimate government agent. The actual worker for Kent County MI called me recently, and I told him, we made two payments of $100 to you. He said oh no, you didn't. He explained to me that NO state uses them and they are nothing but debt collectors, that take 20% from the parents. We intended to pay my husband's ex, his son. Not only give her $160, and they take $40! I have told the same agent Alonzo Jone, who refuses to stop calling me, I want my money back. He lied to me, which he DOESN"T DENY, and told me he was a STATE EMPLOYEE, and promised that the monies would be credited to the debt owed to the state. The real investigator on the case told me there's no way we will ever get credit for that money. I work for a lawyer. I have filed a report with Austin BBB, a fraud complaint with my bank, and I am filing reports for fraud and harrassment and persuing criminal charges against not only this gentlemen, but the entire company.

Don't get me wrong. My husband and I KNOW he's responsible for this debt. If we didn't intend to pay it, we would have never made two $100 payments! Now, we find out that the people we paid, are not only taking a large chunk out of the money that we thought was going to my husband's son, but that we can't get credit as he "assured" me that we would! To top it off, he refuses to call the REAL government agent on this! I wonder why!

My advice, if you really want all of your money, NEVER use SUPPORTKIDS, they are LIARS, And FRAUDS!

f8b7b859, 2008-12-17, 10:54PM CST

These people have got to stop! Please contact me, as I mentioned, I am a paralegal, and they are committing FRAUD! Would you be willing to make a statement to be filed into court? Please contact me if you, or anyone reading this is interested in fighting for all of us who they have wronged!

This company misrepresents itself not only to the custodial parent, but the non-custodian as well. They are getting away with it, and every state that they do this in agrees that they are a scam, a joke. You can't tell me all of these officer's of the state governments wouldn't agree with us!

I think it's at least worth a shot, or looking into!

[email protected]

524dff15, 2008-12-20, 06:55PM CST

I am so glad I found this. I called SupportKids yesterday for information. My ex has never paid child support and owes just over $86,000. I intended to print and fill out the paperwork tonight and get the agreement faxed and on its' way. Ha! I won't now! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to warn the rest of us who had no idea what a bad situation this could be creating.

I too thought getting 66% was better than getting 0%, but I'm seeing that dealing with this company isn't a good idea after all. Thanks again for the heads-up!

e11f5df9, 2008-12-23, 12:17PM CST

I too am having the same problem with canceling with them. I don't think its right that I had to pay 475 and now 34% on top of the support. I wanted to cancel and my ex-husband said he would give me the money directly for the kids and is willing to work with me. But they told me I can not canel. I think that is very wrong if I choose to cancel support that should be up to me and not them.

ca7397fd, 2008-12-26, 05:33PM CST


I too, am having going thru the same circumstances with supportkids. I am unable to end the agreement until they are willing to let me go. I have been with supportkids for 2-3 years and have seen only 2-3 checks after they have gotten their initial fee. I want out of this contract but dont know how to go about it. Supportkids has given me all the promises but those have not been met one bit. I am frustrated with them and would liek to get away from them. Are there any other suggestions.....



ea317f7e, 2009-01-06, 06:48PM CST

Yes these people do need to be stopped!!

I'm writing this comment in regards to my Husbands Eldest child. The Mother apparently hired these folks, why I do not know! Her original filing for Child Support started in the state of Oregon and was ruled upon by the Nevada, Clark County Courts. The Judge wanted to give her nothing like she had asked for in letters, but due to it being a Enforcement Court he gave her the minimum. My Husband has paid out since then no arguements. Even asking them to take it out of his checks through Garnishment to make it easier! There was a short time where he was out of work. Now he is back to work with Oregon Garnishing his paychecks once again for Current and Arrears. Then he started receiving Harrasing phone calls and letters from these people portraring themselves as a Government Entity,, threatning to take his Drivers License away, Garnish his paycheck for 50-60%, Sue him..... They are relentless in asking him to double pay when he already is. I have gotten off the phone with a Family Law Attorney who is ready and willing to send these people a letter to Cease and Desist!

Warning Stay Away From SuppertKids Inc. the only one they want to Support is themselves!!!!!!!

97b12ca3, 2009-02-16, 10:13PM CST

Wow! There was a comment posted stating that they actually received help from Support Kids. Who do they know? I have been signed up with Support Kids for years and it was the biggest mistake I've ever made. Seriously, I find it hard to believe after going through what I have been through and then seeing these other complaints that anyone received any help from them. No, I don't believe it...I feel cheated and apparently I'm not the only one.

282fbf6f, 2009-02-24, 11:39AM CST

Iam also in that boat of how the support kids rip you off. They didnt do anything on my case other than call the phone number I gave them. Arizona State collected my past due child support. The state also like support kids post there action that they are doing on the case. Which the actions the state did clearly shows the were the people that collected my support. I also no that support kids didnt do the collecting because one converstion with one of there rep's didnt even know money had been collected. But they wont paid out of every support check and the starting fee for something they did not do.

Does anyone know what legal actions can be brought against them ? Also is it legal for them to hold the entire support check?

f5c867ae, 2009-02-25, 09:12PM CST

If anyone is interested I have more or less stopped them.

To the paralegal, please contact me [email protected]

f5c867ae, 2009-09-28, 09:07AM CDT

All you have to do is contact the Child support agency through your state and file a direct deposit form with them. Monies will stop going to Support Kids.

f5c867ae, 2009-09-28, 09:11AM CDT


46b44882, 2010-07-06, 07:59AM CDT

I have been with Supportkids for about 4 years now and have tried to cancel my contract with them over 10 times and each time I was denied. They sent me a power of attorney which in return I gave to my lawyer and she said she would take care of it that I should not sign anything they want me to. Hopefully it will end soon. Never in a million years would I tell anyone to sign up with Supportkids. So, I do feel your pain.

a5fbfe0a, 2010-08-16, 01:03PM CDT

i have talked to them lots of times and they dont care about anything except getting paid. i was suppose to be getting paid 425 and they knocked down the payment to 200 a month and i called to ask why they tell me because thats all hes paid and they couldnt do anything about it because he is making some payments. i wish i would have never sighned with them and they were very rude. i wish i would have never done this.

90eaf66c, 2010-09-06, 03:16PM CDT

I too have had it up to HERE with Supportkids....I have a long tail simmilar to yours so I won't even go into details. I have tried to cancle, met the requirements of our "contract" and they still get 30% of whatever is collected...they are crooked! I rarely get the Childsupport from the deadbeat, and now thanks to them they take just under half of any of it! If anyone knows how to get them out of the picture I would love to know!

6e0b637b, 2011-08-02, 09:51AM CDT

My name is Ruth Class/Taylor and I had contacted some years ago and they did send me some money on behalf of my cases. They sent out alot of checks to me that were returned and signed by someone there in TX office. What can I do to get my money. I beleived in these people and they just scamed me. I am a single mother of 3 and am living with MS.

Ruth Taylor (Class)

f98be3fd, 2011-08-12, 08:06PM CDT

ill coment i got took to the mill by child support for kids they they collected my money from my x but i never seen none of it he owed me 97.000 dollers so where is my money if you dont have it what did you do with it you sure did not send it to me i talked to their reprosinitives every week always said we are making progress my x said they got the money so where is my money? can any body tell me please i still need it im setting here rite now looking at the letters i got fron child support for kids another frusterated mom

christopher j., 2013-11-17, 06:45AM CST

I would like to receive a call at 501-291-9576 I am complaining about case 384815 the case worker was rude,unproffessional,disrespectful and vulgar I am the non-custodial parent who owes support but that does not excuse her behavior my name is Christopher jones I would like to speak to a supervisor

8fc1afe4, 2014-03-31, 09:16PM CDT


ec710798, 2014-05-23, 12:26PM CDT

Support Kids is a horrible service.

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