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Posted on Thursday, April 5th, 2007 at 8:25am CDT by 5bd629b4

Company: E Fax

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I signed up for a "FREE" Efax account because I needed a fax service to send POSSIBLY 2-3 faxes and receive the same amount back in. I was asked for my credit card information and hesitated. I tried to cancel out of the website and was immediately redirected to more information on the FREE ACCOUNT. I clicked on the Support link and asked the agent WHY they needed CC info for a FREE account. After I was reassured that my CC would NOT be charged, I 'signed up' because I REALLY NEEDED to be able to send a fax. Within 30 days, my account was charged, and I NEVER sent OR received a single fax.

I returned to the Support site and was apologized to and told that my ACCOUNT would be credited and that Efax would like to offer me a FREE 2 MONTH trial of their full service account. I declined several times and finally, being tired of fighting with the agent, said ok, but I will be canceling it. Fine, no problem, return anytime and cancel, I was told. My credit card account was NEVER credited a dime by Efax.

I have still NEVER used the service. Today it came to mind that I needed to find out what was going on with the whole ordeal, so again, I returned to the Support site. I told them IMMEDIATELY that I wanted my account CANCELED, NOW. The agent went around and around with me, telling me that I had 4 more weeks of free service and they'd be glad to cancel any time. I again told the agent that I wanted the account canceled, NOW. Again, the agent all but REFUSED to cancel it until I finally told them that I was contacting the BBB.

This company is absolutely RIDICULOUS to deal with. First of all, they are guilty of false advertising. Secondly, they offer possibly the WORST customer service I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I understand a "hard sell," but this goes beyond even that. I will tell EVERYONE I know NOT to deal with these people. I have noticed that there are other complaints here, on your site about Efax. I just wanted to add my .02.

Thank you,

CL Barnard


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