Kentucky Fried Chicken - The worst service in any restaurant ever

Posted on Wednesday, April 4th, 2007 at 2:00pm CDT by 9fa836f3

Company: Kentucky Fried Chicken - The worst service in any restaurant ever

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Kentucky fried chicken restaurant on 95 King St. Forest Ontario Canada.

On the evening of January 27, 2007 I went into Forest KFC to order 2 two piece dinner combos. Upon returning to my home with the meals my husband and I opened our boxes and I was very disappointed with the meal that I received, my husband’s meal was appropriate for the money. The two pieces of chicken that were in my box were a leg and a wing it would have been alright if the leg and the wing were not the SMALLEST LEG AND WING THAT I HAD EVER SEEN GIVEN OUT IN A KFC MEAL. I called KFC immediately and asked the person that answered the phone a simple question in a two piece combo meal what two pieces of chicken are usually put into each order? The young lady that answered the phone did everything right she referred me to the manager because she was busy at the time and she was very pleasant when dealing with me. The manager answered the phone and proceeded to tell me in an abrupt manner that they have a list in which they go by posted in the kitchen area and she listed off the combinations of the two pieces that could be put in a meal. I then asked the manager if it was common practice to make sure that the two pieces given in a two piece meal were the smallest of the smallest pieces and she then in an angry tone let me know the combinations of the two pieces given in orders were again. She argued with me about the size of the pieces that I had received and I let her know that she was rude, argumentative and shouldn’t be in her position. I asked her for her bosses phone number and she gave me the regional managers number. I did contact the regional manager Monday January 29 and left a message and he never ever returned my phone call. I haven’t eaten or taken out food from any KFC since January 27, 2007. I used to be a regular customer to the Forest location for 23 years and spent in the past a lot of money but the way that this particular manager handled this complaint has turned me off of ever wanting to eat KFC again.

Please help turn an angry shopper into a happy patron

Sincerely Annette Lunham

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189f15bb, 2008-03-30, 10:11AM CDT

On march 29th, my husband and I took my son to KFC in Eldorado, Il. After receiveing our order. We look for a clean spot to sat down. The restaurant was not very busy but there was not one clean table in the place. After looking at food riddled tables with flies on them. We decided on one in the sun room. I had to go to the counter to get a towel to clean the table off. The counter person told me the table were sticky because the sun had shined on them through the windows. ???. The food was so cold and greasy, we decided not to eat it. If this restaurant is connected any way to the franchise, the corporation is in very bad need of good employees. This restaurant is paying people to sit behind the counter and visit with each other and wait on an occasional customer if they want to. Needless to say, there was nobody there in charge to complain to. I have been in nasty service station restrooms cleaner than this KFC establishment. I have been on here for an hour trying to find a corp number to complain but just keep being redirected to other web pages. I think if I want fried chicken any more I will try the mini mart version.

Pam Lueke

Carmi, IL 62821

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