2000 Toyota Camry CE

Posted on Wednesday, April 4th, 2007 at 12:27am CDT by d03ca667

Company: 2000 Toyota Camry CE

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Toyota Youngstown Co. aka D2S Cars Inc. & Toyota Motor Credit Corp. aka Lexis Financial Services, I was fraudulently induced into a contract and rendered a 1995 Toyota Carolla never receiving payment except $408.58 applied to the new car, and the promise of receiving a check. The auto developed a defect and no one would inspect or repair the auto. I was to be in the 2000 Camry for one year and instead I was to pay more than the selling price and not own the auto. Since I was unable to get help from anyone I gave the auto back and they suited me. The court findings held the contract terms to be unreasonable, yet not permitting me to bring forth the claims clearly violating the laws. I suited in Common Pleas court and they sent all my mail to another county and said all parties agreed and dismissed the case. I was able to get the case back in court, but, now the magistrate at the hearing 3/22/07 said after waiting for their attorney 15 min. late wanted to entertain another motion to dismiss, and I could submit additional information. Yet, on 3/28/27 he ruled to dismiss again without looking at my filings. SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG IN THE YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO ,COURT SYSTEM. The Federal Government needs to investigate this law by judges, this is not what the American system of justice is supposed to be about. If this is the type of justice we recieve now ,everyone is in trouble, the court will allow anything if the other person is wrong but has more money, they do not have to obey the law, as regular citizens are too.What happened to liberty and justice for all???


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