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Posted on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007 at 4:40pm CDT by 7fd39ea6

Company: World Education Services

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For my enrollment to a college, I had to apply for an evaluation of my transcript from another country. My college has suggested them. After weeks' of formal procedures in my country, I finally got my transcript. Then I sent to them a month ago. But when I log in my account it is still indicated as "waiting for required documents" which I submitted a month ago using a courier service. I've sent tens of e-mails inquiring about what the problem is. They never replied even after weeks. When I try to reach them via phone, their automated answering system either is not working (saying invalid entry) or the average waiting time is 30-45min which didn't decrease even a minute even after 4-5 minutes passed. I've seen some complaints on the internet implying that this is a totally virtual company and they don't have a real customer service. How can they get away with this .? How did my College suggested them? I'd never expect such thing in USA. Did I pay $160 for nothing?

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1e622a13, 2008-02-16, 09:26AM CST

Same problem here. They took my money, made me do the required leg work, and said it wasn't good enough. Then they send you on a wild goose chase. It was a ripoff, and yes, the USA has ripoffs. They know most immigrants don't know who to contact to fight for consumer rights. Hopefully, someday someone will go to the proper authorities with their World Education Services problem. Educational institutions need to know about these problems so they can recommend and accept alternative service companies. If you must take a gamble with this outfit, at least pay by credit card so you can use the consumer charge-back laws if they fail to deliver the service. And whatever you do, don't send them your irreplaceable original documents, or you will probably lose them forever. I know.

7a2eacde, 2008-05-02, 05:19PM CDT

Pretty much the same situation here! Spoke to a representative couple of hours ago; I am furious!!

My paperwork was submitted in October 2006; it's May of 2008 and no progress whatsoever.

Since my college wasn't responding to WES letters, I decided to act on my own, contacted my college, they sent it through FedEx, and this b..... tells me that this wasn't sufficient!!

And, turns out that damn $150 fee is non-refundable!

I wish that somebody could give me an advice how to get these scumbags....

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