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Posted on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007 at 9:59pm CDT by bf4b362c

Company: GE Money/Dillards American Express

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I am doing a complaint because they are sending me charges because of an error they did. They started with 15 dollars and I called and they told me to send only the $46.27. Every month the charges rose ,and they told me only to send that certain money and that they would take the extra money off. I talked with many people from Dillards American Express.The first person I talked to was a lady then I talked with Tony #2094, and Victor and Fermin and Hector. The last thing I did was that I went and saw the maneger from customer service,and he talked to a man called Paul from ( canton office ),and he said they REMOVED it and now they sent me a bill from ENCORE and if I don't pay they will ruin my credit. I think it isn't fair they did that because I called every month. I don't know their job or what they do because they always said they were going to take it off ,but they didn't. From Martha Colegio


eefa3ccd, 2009-12-27, 07:01PM CST

have not received my credit card for my husband my name is yolanda b ealand i received mine and called to add my husband what is the status of my request

90f547c1, 2010-12-10, 03:15PM CST

I am very upset with Dillards Credit card through GE Money Bank.

My payment was returned from my bank in error because my funds did not pull out of my overdraft protection. I call and explained and two reps were very nice and told me that they understood and kindly told me to go into Dillards and make a payment which I did.. Then a couple of days later..I got a rude letter from this credit card company that my credit previlges were revoked after being a A1 payment history!!!

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