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My husband ordered dinner for us on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2007

from Applebee's McKnight Road since he had to work and still wanted to

have a nice dinner with me. When we placed the order, I specified

that the salad was to have no nuts on it since I am allergic to nuts.

We were regular customers, eating there usually once a month, and I

never had any problems with getting a salad with no nuts before. When

my husband returned home with our carryout order, I was surprised that

there were nuts on it. We were angry that he had to drive back out

there to replace the salad.

We called Applebee's and told them that we were very unhappy with the

mix up on the order and needed it to be replaced with the salad we had

asked for, and the manager on duty assured us that he would personally

fix our salad properly with no nuts. My husband drove back out there

to replace the salad, another 30 minutes out of our evening, and

attempted to receive the correct salad. He looked at the salad and

made sure it looked like it had no nuts, and he drove back home with

the manager's apologies and assurance that the salad was correct.

When my husband arrived back home for the second time, I looked at my

salad carefully to see if there were any nuts. I didn't see any on

top, mixed the salad carefully and didn't see any nuts, then I added

my salad dressing and took a bite. Much to my horror, I tasted nuts!

I spit out my food into my hand, shrieking to my husband that I had

just bit into nuts and needed my medicine immediately. He was shocked

and told me that there were no nuts on the salad. I showed him my

hand, where there were sliced almonds, and he ran for my medicine as

my mouth started burning and throat swelled up.

I took my medicine and began to call Applebee's, absolutely irate this

time, but part way into the phone call I had a fever and was feeling

very sick. My throat was itchy and sore, feeling tight and having

trouble breathing, and my eyes and faced itched. I broke out in

hives, and I was feeling absolutely miserable as my husband took over

the phone call. Upon closer inspection, the nuts were in the middle

of the salad under some other things, and were not easily visible even

when the salad had been mixed up a little bit.

The manager was surprised and said he had even looked at the salad to

make sure it didn't have nuts. My husband asked a couple of times to

be sure he was hearing right, and sure enough the manager was telling

my husband that the manager had not made the salad himself as he had

promised. The manager ordered the kitchen to make a new salad with no

nuts, looked at it, and gave it to us. Again, the nuts were not

easily visible, hidden under the chicken and some greens, so you

couldn't see them on top like they normally are.

My husband was extremely angry at this point, and he hurried to finish

the phone call so he could help me while I vomited intensely. I

barely made it a few steps before I started throwing up so hard that

my ribs and eyes hurts, and I was still having trouble breathing. My

children were asleep, so I yelled at them to get dressed. My husband,

unfortunately, sat down for a minute. After working 2 jobs and having

had maybe 3 hours of sleep, he was fast asleep and oblivious to what

was going on.

I, meanwhile, continued to vomit and have diarrhea. I was so sick I

just curled up and cried. I tried repeatedly to ask my husband to

take me to the emergency room, but the man was fast asleep. I

couldn't even call 911, because I was curled up in pain. I managed to

doze off a few times in between being sick, and the next day I

continued to feel ill. Thankfully my medicine worked to help some of

the worst symptoms of being ill, such as easing the hives/itching and

making it a little easier to breathe!

The next day we called back and spoke to another manager to be sure

they had called corporate to file our complaint. They assured me they

had and that I would hear back from corporate in a day or two.

Several days went by with no word from them, and repeated calls to

Applebee's did not yield any satisfactory answer. We finally went in

about a week later and spoke personally to the manager who assured me

that they had filed the complaint but that I just had to wait to hear

back from corporate.

A month and a half later, I receive a letter in the mail from a claim

representative (dated March 28, 2007) stating they tried contacting me

in the last few days and that they haven't been able to reach me. If

I do not contact them in 10 business days, they will asume there is no

injury and will close the file. I have yet to be able to reach them.

I cannot believe how Applebee's has handled this entire situation. We

were faithful customers, on a first name basis with several employees

and managers who saw us regularly, and now we have to deal with this

crap. I was sick for several days after, but I still tried to be nice

and work with them to let them know that they have to be careful with

their food. I never set out to file a lawsuit, because we are not sue

happy people and don't feel lawsuits are the first course of action to

solving issues. We absolutely loved going to Applebee's, so we tried

to do the right thing and file a complaint to make sure this never

happens again with anyone else. Yet here we are being completely

ignored and being swept under the rug as if nothing happened. If this

happened to faithful regular customers, I wonder how they would treat

one time customers.


Nichole Cook


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--W. B. Yeats

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c458eec9, 2008-10-28, 02:50PM CDT

Let me get this straight you're having a violent possibly life threatening reaction to nuts and your wonderful Hubby goes to sleep knowing this..nice Guy!! Are you sure he didn't put the nuts in himself?? My Partner no matter how exhausted she is takes care of me when I am sick..And you are complaining about Applebees lack of service unbelievable. Do you have a life insurance policy?? Ever occur to you someone at Applebees saw the person making the salad not put nuts on it thought that was a mistake and added them on thinking he or she was helping..then the person who made the salad did not see the nuts and added more lettuce covering them up it was probably a honest mistake and before anyone says anything no I do not work for Applebees..

d1aa72e9, 2009-01-28, 08:09PM CST

First off, if you are that highly allergic to nuts, then don't order a meal that may contain nuts. Secondly, your husband is an ass. Lack of sleep or not, i'm not gonna fall asleep while my kids are sleeping and my wife is having an allergic reaction that could potentially be life threatening. Last but not least, Applebee's, cannot make any guarantees that the food you are consuming does not contain nuts or that some of the ingredients in the meals are not stored or processed in a facility with nuts. It's a liability issue.

6224b0bc, 2012-11-01, 09:18PM CDT

We visited Applebees in East Peoria, Illinois. It was very cold and the booth seats fell in, so customers could not reach the table. We were allowed to move to wooden chairs but we were still very cold. Our food order was taken and waiter ask how I wanted my baked potato. He listed a few ways to order it. I chose bacon and cheese. Later our dinners arrived. Right away, the baked potato looked old and dried up, wrinkled exterior was enough evidence. The cheese was not melted and bacon was burnt up. Cheese was cheap bagged variety thin and very little at that. I could have fit cheese and bacon on my teaspoon. I was actually lucky it was no more than a teaspoon since cheese had a horrible taste and the bacon was more ash than meat. I moved on to the potato part and was equally unhappy to find a potato that was cold, hard, and unedible. It reminded me of 4 day old potato salad. Then we made the mistake of ordering the brownie bite. I have visited other Applebees and always got a generous portion. This time management cut it down to one bite for sure. What a waste of time! We received our bill and quess what?!! We were charged an enormous amount of money. Burnt bacon bit was $1.49. 1/2 teaspoon cheese was $.99. Our choice of 7 0z sirloin on the 2 for $20.00 was $22.00. Total bill was$31.18 and yes we left a generous tip for the boy who was not informed that customers need to be informed that there are extra charges for his suggestions. How much would they charge for butter? No salad, no rolls, no peanuts, no fresh food. What would you say if I told you this was my fifth time in several years and each time I and other relatives vowed to never come back. Actually, the first time, a great manager was there and everything was fresh, delicious and plentiful. It was the first year they came out with two meals for 20.00. I think I will insist my family seeks out a decent restaurant next time. If the parking lot is almost empty stay away!

sharon h., 2013-12-31, 11:18AM CST

I was visiting my daughter for the christmas holidays we often eat at Applebees aas well as order take out, and buy gift cards from them, While visiting we ordered out from the shirley N.Y. location simple order 3 types of burgers fries and salads. After getting home and opening the order the first thing we noticed was that all the containers looked like someone forgot to add the fries, but in fact they added them 14 in one, 12, 17, small broken fries, so I called to complain, I've never had this happen with them before their plates are usually over flowing. I was put on hold to be connected to the mgr. that could handle this(10mins) he got on I explained he offered me a free meal or 10.00 off a meal on my next visit this was acceptable, he said he was going to put me on hold to forward my call to the person that would complete this for me. When the call was picked I was asked how I could be helped I explained That I'd spoken to Mgr. and was waiting to be helped etc. he put me back on hold another 10 min, that same person picked up again I explained again what I was on hold for he said there was no way I spoke to a Mgr that he was the only Mgr. on and that he did not not would not offer me that in other words I was lying! And he had no idea who I spoke to. He was very rude after all this time that I'm sitting on the phone now my food is getting cold and I'm slightly pissed at the way I'm being treated, I told him I'd just purchased 200.00 worth of gift cards for xmas gifts for friends and teacher as I do every year during this conversation he tells me he will send me a buisiness card with 3 orders of fries written on the back of it, so like I'm suppose to come there and order that one day the fries usually come with the order and if they dont we get a different side, I sincerely doubt I will ever recieve this buisness card in my mail, so I'm issuing this complaint.I'm not one to make complaints but I'm tired of being treated like this after spending the kind of money I do at these places being a loyal customer and being taken for granted, and then being better taken care of at McDonalds!

da8c7c1e, 2014-07-23, 08:58AM CDT

Got sick at the Killeen Applebee's it's dirty flor was slick with Greece never again will I wat there

Marsha B., 2014-08-04, 08:26PM CDT

On August 4, 2114, we decided to eat a take home from Applebee's

My husband had a sirloin steak that was so tough that he had to saw it

into pieces. Also had some cold not cooked thoroughly vegetables

that he did not eat. My so called grilled chicken salad was a few small

strips of chicken and a lot of lettuce. Nothing else was in the salad.

It was terrible and it was my husband's birthday. This experience

cost us over $25.00.

[email protected]

Tony S., 2015-08-08, 01:35AM CDT

Son of a bitch, got rip off buying a $50 card and went to pay my bill and the balance on the card was $0.00. I hope this was not Intentional by this employee, son of a bitch, straight bullshit!!!

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