Club One Fitness Pittsburgh, Fox Chapel, Shadyside PA (Pennsylvania)

Posted on Thursday, April 26th, 2007 at 3:03pm CDT by 97d436e6

Company: Club One Fitness Pittsburgh, Fox Chapel, Shadyside PA (Pennsylvania)

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I have been a Club One customer in Pittsburgh, PA (Fox Chapel Branch) for

several years. I have had nothing but bad experiences. The equipment is

always in disrepair and the service is nothing like I was promised when they

did the overpriced high pressure sign-up pitch. When I signed up they told

me that if I did not use it in the summer when I was active I could just

call and tell them and they would suspend my account for 3 months, NO

PROBLEM. So last year I called and asked to do that. I was then told I would

have to come by in person and sign some forms. Once I got there they

informed me it would just be a reduced rate and that they would still be

charging me half the monthly fee even though I wasn’t using it at all! That

upset me but I did not feel like arguing. Then they charged me a fee on top

of that! I was mad but I let it go. Over the last year they have raised my

fees without asking me TWICE. Even though I may possibly go in once a month.

I called to complain and the girl was so rude I decided to leave. So I went

up in person today to cancel and the slickster there told me I was not

allowed to cancel my membership. That I had to pay to send a certified

letter and then it would be reviewed and they would decide if I could

cancel. I was so mad I called their main office to complain and a really

really rude girl named Stephanie Pettina informed me that she didn’t care

what I wanted and that I had signed some arbitrary contract that said they

could do whatever they liked and that was just too bad. When I went in to

cancel and told the guys working there I was upset and was going to spread

this story on the internet the one guy gave me a clenched fist sign like

“Way to go!”. He was obviously happy to see I was going to do something

about it. Even the employees there know what they are doing is wrong. This

Stephanie girl promised to call me in 5 minutes because she was too busy to

talk to me. Needless to say I haven’t heard from her since. When I called

back they said she had left for they day! Then they put me on indefinite

hold. Then received a call from David Degnan who said he was the boss. He

refused to cancel my membership as well and also refused to tell me the

owner’s name. So this owner must be in hiding from his customers to the

point he doesn’t want anyone to know who he is. I assure you I will find out

who he is and hold him accountable for his actions. I went right down the

road to two other clubs who said I could pay by the visit and cancel

whenever I wished with no problem. They are obviously up with the times and

understand what word of mouth can do to a business. One was Alexander’s in

Harmarville. Needless to say I will be canceling my credit card

authorization and I will likely buy a website such as or to tell my story. Do yourself a favor and stay away from

this unethical club. They are from the old scammer club days. They don’t

realize the internet has ways to expose such rip off policies. I am thinking

of maybe putting a sign on the back of my truck with an arbitrary comment

about these rip-offs. I am so upset that maybe it is time to speak with the

Attorney general and BBB as well. Shame on them 3 times!


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2186c4b8, 2008-03-18, 04:48PM CDT

Wow! Thank you for reporting this!

This is BAD BAD BAD business, and it's obvious.

They need to get a clue, this is 2008.


ac17fc2f, 2008-03-30, 10:20PM CDT

Thank you for the heads up! I am a Marine and looking for fitness centers around the area. I was going to try out Club One, but now I will not even entertain the idea. I have heard good things about Alexander's as one of the young men in my Delayed Entry Program goes there. I will likely see you there sometime.

c0afdbe5, 2008-07-13, 12:42AM CDT

I can vouch that Club 1 does promise that, with advance notice, it's possible to take time off and not pay the fee, in 1 month increments. I have not, however, tried to do so.

The quality of the experience is quite dependent on the front-desk help. The Shadyside location usually has pretty good (competent and friendly) front desk staff and general staff, especially in the evenings.

I'm less enamored of the physical problems that get ignored. They made a lot of cosmetic changes, but didn't touch the really troubling stuff. The sand in the pool that drops from the ceiling is kind of gross, as are the various mold smell problems in the ladies steam room and locker room ceiling tile (in one corner), the chronically sticky floor around the women's toilets, and the fact that at least 1 or 2 or 3 of the women's showers are guaranteed out of order on any particular day (and usually wasting gallons of hot water). The pool area also sometimes has smells or slime in the tile grooves. They seem to have hit on a better cleaning and ventilating process this year.

The staff in charge of the machines is uneven at best. Some people are unable or unwilling to recognize problems that are merely sub-optimal, not obviously "broken," like uneven pull on the left and right sides or bike/exercycle seats bolted on as much as 10 degrees off "true"... or problems with some of the more high-tech machines. Because there are effectively 3 full alternate circuits, it has never happened that I could not exercise a particular muscle group, though I do sometimes have to walk from one room to another.

All the same, having a pool open, with reasonably long hours, right next to Trader Joe's, is helpful and convenient for me. I sometimes stop by twice in one day, so it can't be bothering me too much.

Unlike your experience, I was well notified about the cost increase, and given a chance to refuse & leave instead. You might see if you can first switch locations, and if not satisfied, exit quietly from the Shadyside location. Be careful they don't reset the start date on you or something, though. And take a couple of weeks to figure out who the best, most competent people are, so that you can bring problems to their attention. I've had stuff fixed in as little as 12 hours that way--and it was the 12 hours between 10 PM and 10 AM.

a009c944, 2009-06-16, 03:55PM CDT

Wow, I am moving to Fox Chapel next month and was looking for a gym to work out in. I had a similar experience down in Houston, and have been scared to join a gym.

I will stay away from this place and let the ppl on my law board know not to join.

Thanks for your post.

c0afdbe5, 2009-08-22, 11:37AM CDT

update: the pool area has been kept scrupulously clean since shortly after I posted this. The smells in the ladies room are much improved, though the main weight room has a bad odor I can't figure out. Equipment maintenance has also improved by about 60%. The hot-water drips in the showers are still too common (the shower by the pool has a fancy teak-like grid to stand on, and a fancy new "rain" showerhead....and a hot water drip).

There's still more attention to cosmetics (windows in place of a blank wall, fabric lounge chairs by the pool) than machine maintenance. There's a food vendor, now, and a new massage machine / table that costs extra.

On the plus side, I do like the expanded selection of bosu balls, resistance straps, non-traditional weights (staffs, etc). The new classes which take freeweight work into an aerobics / dance class type format seem potentially promising as well. I continue to enjoy the considerable mix of users, and I don't want to downplay the problems of catering to a wide range of people--20-something triathletes...people doing toning as part of a doctor-prescribed weight loss or injury rehab program...and people keeping fit and mobile in advanced old age.

7abd3bf3, 2009-09-14, 08:43PM CDT

Thanks! Now there is no way I am going to Club One fitness. I can see that many fitness clubs have these rules and regulations that are really unfit for business. I think I am going to purchase a treadmill instead. It will be cheaper in the long run.

0295e39b, 2009-10-14, 12:01PM CDT

I was a member of Club One for a year or so 2003-2004. I enjoyed the classes and some of the staff were good some were not. Strange smells and unexplained odors were pretty common, as were the equipment condition issues and housekeeping issues in womens locker room. Once a staff used straight bleach and burned my lungs whilst I was in the shower. The pool is also a little dirty sometimes. These are all irritants that add up-but the location and variety of offerings made me think about re-joining after moving back to the area. I went to the Club membership office-was treated pretty rudely by 'Pascale' who acted as if I was interrupting her by inquiring about membership. I had some questions and she said that she would call me with answers. I waited for three weeks with no word from them. I guess that they are not that concerned with customer satisfaction, or getting new or returning memberships. I have had a few friends and collegues that have had really bad experiences with staff and membership problems. I guess I will join another club.

Colleen C., 2012-10-03, 03:01PM CDT

Very difficult to cancel this membership - they billed me an extra month even though I called to cancel on the 3rd of the previous month. They also will also accept a certified letter only and I have had workers be rude to me there. I would not recommend this place.

c16f0504, 2013-01-27, 01:59PM CST

i got a groupon to go there 20 times. very good deal. just remember to KEEP YOUR LITTLE CARD. i used it once, and misplaced it. they do not have a record of you, even though they make you sign up. so, my groupon is for naught. if they at least told you that they don't have another record, you'd at least photograph the card... it's like the Arby's free milkshake if they punch 10 purchases... almost funny, if it weren't sad... then the guy asks me if i want a membership. hahahah! that was funny...

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