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Company: SST VISA

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Okay, this is just what I was told.

I normally make my payment online. Today the websight is down so I haven't

been able to get on to make my payment. So I call, I put in my account

number and then the last 4 of my social security, in which it comes back as

unrecognizable, and I'm unable to access my account over the phone. So it

transfers me to customer service.

I say, "yes, I cannot access my account over the internet so I can make my

payment or over the phone"

This is what the guy says"ya, that's what I was just told, that our system

was down, maybe our entire system is down and that is why you can't access

your account by phone as well. We don't know why or if they are working on

it now".

So I ask, "will I get charged a late fee if by chance your website comes

back up tomorrow and I can make my payment?" (I'll be 1 day late)

"unfortunately, yes there will be a $39.99 late fee, but I can do a check

by phone with you for $10.00 to avoid the $39.99 as long as it's by 5 pm"


This website is down more than any other companies I have ever had to do

business with, and either way, you get "bent over the fence" for more money

due to their negligence. Not yours! I seriously think that they do this on

purpose to get more money out of people!!

I hate this company, and just as soon as this card is paid off, I'm

cancelling this card. This company has their head up there behind when you

do call and are of no help!

Jennifer F. Spitzke

Accounts Receivable

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions US, Inc.

2531 Bremer Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46803

Phone: + 1 260-748-5772

Fax: +1 260-749-8356



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db0a76b5, 2007-11-25, 01:35PM CST

I as well have had many problems with my SST VISA and their customer service is probably the worst out of any company that I have ever had to deal with. Please people be forwarned about this company and don't ever get a card with them. I have had several double late charges charged to my account that should have never happened but they changed my payment date on me twice already. I didn't have a problem when this card was a Washington Mutual card it was actually very nice it gave me a free equifax credit report and rewards and the whole nine yards but for what ever reason it was handed to this SST company who should take their losses and just completely shut down the entire company because they are whats wrong with this country and people who are in debt. They offer no solution to any problems aside from can you please pay us immediately!

94431948, 2007-12-09, 07:11PM CST


dc29826c, 2007-12-11, 08:39AM CST

the only way to access this account is to use

c0e6c93a, 2008-02-04, 11:10PM CST

SST is a piece of shit.

SST are a bunch of whores.

SST are terrorists.

SST need to be fu#ked by a horny rhino.

499ca335, 2008-02-07, 03:40AM CST

I agree with Jennifer. What the hell SST? This is not the first time I have not been able to make my payment online. This is after Washington Mutual sold my account without even notifying me. How are we expected to make payments. I'm tired of this. It seems like a total scam to me and I will keep voicing my opinion on this until I have results. If you want your payments I suggest you contact me as soon as possible or you will be hearing from someone representing me.

4ba5ac5e, 2008-04-08, 06:32PM CDT

I thought something was wrong with my connection, turns out we all are having the same problem!! Too bad SST doesn't care and this blog is gonna get us nowhere...

b8853eb7, 2008-04-10, 05:53AM CDT

Having the same problem here. web site is down, by phone they can't find my account and I can't get an address to send the payment to. What's up w/ these people? great way to rack up some serious late fees, not to mention they can jack your interest rate up the 1st time your late. Don't know what to do now.. As soon as I can get them to take a payment, this card is paid off and closed out.

8f348a35, 2008-06-17, 12:09PM CDT

I also had an account with Providian/Washington Mutual, which was sold to SST, without asking me. I encountered similar problems with making payments online, and they jacked my interest rate up from 12% to 33%. I didn't know an interest rate that high was even legal.

I angrily called and cancelled my account and am still paying it off. Then I found out that cancelling an account with a balance on it lowers your credit score. It sure did! Why??? they gave me poor service and over-charged me and I can't cancel the account without being punished by the credit unions??? What's up with that???


f110ce31, 2008-07-11, 03:38AM CDT

Wow!!! And here I thought I was the only one being screwed in the ass by these people. A few months ago, I used my bank's (USAA) bill pay online through my bank's website for the 1st time to pay my monthly payment...well guess what...SST does not take electronic payments from banks so USAA sent them a check which ended up being 1 or 2 days late (I did not know at the time that SST did not take electronic bank payments). They charged me the late fee of $39 then raised my APR to my monthly finance charge is equal to my monthly payment...I even called them to see if they would lower my apr and they said "sorry...we can't change that...its the system that does that automatically". Bull Shit...why can every other Credit Card do it? I HATE HATE HATE HATE SST as they are the most UNFRIENDLY, Worthless company in America. I want another credit company to transfer my amount to their company but I can't find one (anyone out there who will let me please).

04937039, 2008-08-11, 11:17AM CDT

This happened to me as well. I was charged a late paymnet fee although, I made my payment on time, I hate thiss bank! They have to allow you to settle your debt with them, they also will lower your interest rate if you tell them that you will transfer your credtcard balance to another bank. This should get their attention. I also bought the book DEBT CURES$ "They" Don't Want You to Know About, By Kevin Trudeau. This book has great information how to fight back and demand your rights.

81c37fb7, 2008-12-23, 10:44AM CST

I've had a Visa with Washington Mutal - which sold to SST. No big deal. I just kept making my payments as usual. They are automatically taken out of my bank account. I made the mistake of changing my 100 dollar payment to 200 dollars, but also (somehow?) added a 2 in front of the 6th day which my payment always goes out on. So I'm not paying attention and get a call on the 20th. Where is my payment?! I figured out what I did and aplogized. It's going out the 26th instead of the 6th. The guy I talked to was nice enough and said he'd note my account that I have a pending payment on the 26th. I even asked if I should change it and he said "No, 200 more then covers your last months, plus the late fee, plus next months". I even told him that I would go back to my normal payments on the 6th after the payment went out on the 26th. GREAT!!! Except after that guy.... I've had over 16 calls from other representatives. When I finally had time to call one of them back last night they agreeded that I'd just have to wait until the 26th. No problem. This morning. Another call came through. I got a woman on the phone who actually told me if I could handle paying my bill they'd stop calling me and would continue calling me until I paid them. She ended up hanging up on me because I was so frustrated. I told her to stop harrassing me and she said they would continue to call until they received payment. I don't understand why companies treat their customers this way. I asked her to Check the notes on my account and she said she didn't need to and that I needed to make my payment!!!! I'm SOOOOO FRUSTRATED now!!!!!

9602eddf, 2009-06-30, 05:30AM CDT

You ring very true, and I would like to update thier sneaky tactics, in 2009: I called to get the web address, I "customer service representative" answered, and he would not shut up with the back talk. He insisted that I had to make a payment on the phone, far more than what was due, refused to answer any question without constant interruption, wanted to give me a "break" on the pay-by phone fee, etc----- would not shut up. Finally I hung up after so nuch BS, went to the web site, which was indeed working, and paid a reasonable monthly payment ON TIME, and I intend to report that jackass.

727dafb0, 2010-10-13, 08:49PM CDT

I have had the same problem several times,but they have always waived the check by phone fee.They better this time too,or im gone. Shaun Noe

6ece0db7, 2011-05-16, 12:51PM CDT

I am going through the same thing and my payment is due tomorrow. Sounds like a major scam to me.

b2ff62a8, 2011-06-02, 11:16PM CDT

I've come to realize this is just a bad company to do business with as well.

2449d70e, 2011-06-06, 06:43PM CDT

I hate it as well,and you are damn right they do it by purpose to get more money from people and guess what? I paid off the card in March and this month the send me a statement with $1.64 I have no idea for what? I don't have even the card ,I cut it in pieces so i won't use it!!!!!they do that by purpose they hope i will forget to pay it so they can charge me a late fee,but i am not going to let them to have it ,before i pay i need explanation,and what everyone who has this stupid card to do,call them ,demand for explanation and get though on the phone,don't just pay without looking to statement,you will be surprised there is a lot of fees for no raison......

8c8c7799, 2012-02-12, 06:16AM CST

I can never access my account online to make a payment. I'm charged $10.00 if I make a phone payment.

lorele vanzant

cbade21f, 2012-03-12, 09:29PM CDT

some months back i had a charge on my card for 11.00 i called to let them know it was not mine, it was made in houston, i work and live in arizona. well the rude customer service woman took it off to "research it.... 3 months later, same charge appears. i again call.. i'm told basically it's on your card tough shit. i just want to pay them off, cut their card and forget about them...poor business people, horrid help!!!!

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