Posted on Monday, April 23rd, 2007 at 9:58pm CDT by c47d5a1a

Company: Incredimail

Category: Other

My wife made the mistake of believing the offer made my "Incredimail" and we continue to regret that. The offer said that we could get the "free download of animated pictures" for our e-mail. What they did not tell us was that the download took over our whole e-mail program. All our e-mail would only come into the Incredimail folder and isolated us from our Address Book in our Insightbb e-mail system. What they did not tell us was that they automatically redefined the screen, supposedly to make the picture clearer, which it has done actually the opposite. What they did not tell us was that Incredimail sold our e-mail address to every junk mail distributor on the internatie. From the first day we received the "free" download we have been unscribing to at least 20 different advertiser a day. I deleted all that I could of the 4 folders that came with the "free" system, but it still has some submerged controls that I have no idea how to get to. Basically the Incredimail system is run by a pack of liars, who only want to make a profit at our expense. I sent an e-mail to them with the same complaint with no response, of course. Robert Baird


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