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Posted on Sunday, April 22nd, 2007 at 4:09pm CDT by 3abdcb35

Company: Complaint about Lifetime Fitness of Texas

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I'm assuming this is the normal way of submitting a complaint about a "Scam", and apologize if I'm doing so incorrectly.

My situation involves "Lifetime Fitness", - an "upscale", overpriced fitness facility chain with has locations throughout the United States.

Initially, (months ago), I reluctantly activated my membership in Austin, Texas. I use the word "reluctantly" because of the fact that a co-worker of mine, who was an active member and had recommended the club, was paying an overall lesser monthly fee that what I was quoted at the time of sign up. Guessing that he had signed up on some sort of "special", as many of the salesmen often call it, inquired about my new membership anyway.

During my initial conversation with the Lifetime salesman, I specifically asked about using more than one location, - primarily San Antonio and Austin. He informed me that there would be an additional monthly fee, but it would be possible. I elected not to has a "muti-location" account, because the "basic" monthly package's monthly fee would be in excess of $50. (!) (The higher monthly rates were justified by indoor water slides, overpriced sandwich shops, etc. - None of which I had a use for.) I also inquired about a couple of different scenarios. One of the scenarios would be the situation were if I relocated my residence to San Antonio. If I use the SA location, and the SA location alone, would my monthly rates increase? The salesman stated that they would not.

Fast forward to this month: After inquiring to not only their SA location, but Lifetime's Austin location as well, they have firmly stared that my monthly fees would increase, for USING SAN ANTONIO ONLY, not Austin. I've been to the SA gym, and it's the exact, same lay out. - Explain the rationale. I even suggested that I add a member to my membership, But they required more "processing fess" (money upfront) and over $100 per month!

Needless to say, I abruptly canceled my membership. I will contact all of my associates, -personal and professional, and urge them to do they same. I will also inform anyone who inquires, as I am often approached, to STAY AWAY FROM LIFETIME FITNESS.

* Thanks for allowing me to voice my opinion, and thanks ahead of time for the feedback.

-C Osberg


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587573e7, 2008-05-02, 05:48PM CDT

I joined Lifetime fitness in Maple Grove, MN, and the sales person their told me that I get free swimming classes with it, but later I realized it is not free. Also when i went there to cancel my membership, they not only refused to refund my membership fee, but they also charged me additional month as part of their 1 month cancellation agreement.

Lifetime are cheaters.....stay away from them...esp in Maple grove, MN.

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