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Dear Sir/ Madam,

I had my American Express cheques stolen from my apartment back in Dec 2006 while in Bangkok Thailand and have spent considerable time and effort to make contact with American express..with a judgement of they are Not going to remberse me. First of all they said they would.

Dear Mr Tekano,

Thank you very much for forwarding all the information.

Your claim is now full authorized.

Please call our toll free number : 0018004410193 or local bangkok number: 02

2735296 to arrange refund.

Best Regards


American Express made the following

annotations on 12/04/06, 00:35:18

Later in the investigation, I gave David full access to all events of the loss, police report, my background check of employment that year, phone number of appartment manger at my appartment, the cheques that were stolen (on police report) I found out my x wife had made entry to my appartment, and had stolen them. I did not sign the lower right hand section of cheques and my (Thai wife) forged my name..not hers. She had tried to cash the cheques while in BKK with no sucess as she needed "Original Passport) no photo copy. When I cashed cheques in past I NEED to Provide Orginal passport. My x had driven to her bank "Kasakorn Bank" in Roi Et, a city NE of Bangkok where "sweet talked the Manager" in cashing cheques. I have name of manager and bank address. Before leaving Thailand I went to the Canadian Embassy for help, they provide me with letter stating back in April 2006 I was seeking help in divorsing my wife, she had commited fraude before.

Dear Mr. Tekano,

Thank you for the e-mail sent on 11 March 2006 regarding your situation.

Attached please find a list of law firms in Bangkok for your consideration.

If you think this is a scam, you should get the law and the police involved. If you fear for your safety while in Thailand, you should consider leaving this country.

You may also wish to provide us with your information for our record: full name, date of birth, passport number, its date and place of issue, your local contact number, etc.

Should you require further information and assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

S Racharit

Sukanya Racharit

Senior Consular Program Officer / Agente principale du programme consulaire

Consular Section / Section consulaire

Below is the date when my wife rushed out of the Siam Legal Law office crying and made her way to my appartment before I could get back to secure my belongings.

> Siam Legal, American Express


> Miss Bee 02-661-1362 office phone

> this email is very important as it contains contacts regarding my Stolen

> American Express cheques and my Divorse lawyer Ms. Bee of Siam Legal

> Policeman Mr. Boonchurt 08-966-00753 is investigating my statement of

> reported Loss of cheques. Mr. Churt will be taking statement from Mr. Lut

> 089-465-8788the taxi driver whom drove Two ladies around bangkok to try

> and cash cheques. Ms Khung 089-791-4164 and Ms Ya (aliase her name is

> Kanjana) the lady whom I brought to your office seeking divorse. If you

> contact Mr. Bow Churt to assist him I would appreciate this. I will be

> going forward with divorse as soon as possible. Miss Bee I am also

> sending this information to "American Express investigation team, Dave,

> Ben and Mr. Paul in proof that I had not authorized verbaly or otherwise

> consent to cash my American Expressl cheques. Mr. Bow Churts report

> states that the Thai Farmer Bank in Roi Et did authorize my signature and

> funds were given to Kan..29 100$ Cdn cheques and 5 x 500$ total amount

> $4,900 Cdn .

> I need your legal help. I need to have the signature of the cheques

> that passed through the bank, analysised by a bank manager whom has take

> the responsiblity of confirming the counter signature matched the one on

> top left hand side of cheques.Where did the funds get deposited? The

> police are looking right now for Kanjana for fraude and stolen property,

> I heard from friends Kan is in hiding.

> Below is a email recieved see date:

> My claim was at first authourized to have payment but only cheques I knew

> for sure where not cashed by me, the amount was at first $4,900.00

> American Express Mr. David the investigator when you call toll free from

> Bkk number 0227-35296 will take you through a venue of Greetings..then

> ask you if you are reporting lost or authorization of cheque. I believe

> cheques first have to be authorized through the American Express HOT

> LINE, if cheques have been reported stolen the hotline willl not

> authorize the funds. The statement of Taxi driver and Mr. Kung said Ms

> Yaw (Kan) had drive from Bank to Bank in BKK to try and get cheques

> cashed, if this is true then the AM Express knew that not legal date was

> with my cheques to be allow to be cashed. The taxi drive continue north

> towards Roi Et and in Roi Et at the Thai Farmer number is

> 0435-11236 I obtain this information from American Express now

> declining to pay for stolen cheques. I am at total loss now no money to

> stay in Thailand, just enough savings for couple weeks in Bangkok

> Interplace and airline ticket home. I am very very disappointed on the

> safey net I thought I had in American Express Banking system. I will

> launch some legal actions now! can you help me?

This is a complex case, that is why AmX have washed their hands of back in Canada I have talked and email many times with no response... I can Appeal their decission on not paying me for my loss! I have been provided copies of all cheques forged while in Bangkok Thailand and had a extra copy sent to my residence in White Rock BC Canada..the signature is not any way mates my signature. Who is to blame? the authorizing bank in Roi Et? American Express whom declined to get involved? Why must I seek to get money from my x wife? when she commited fraude? Can you help me?

Ronald J TEkano (Canada)


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