Panasonic P2 Card Rebate Offer/

Posted on Friday, April 20th, 2007 at 6:27pm CDT by 5171e0f8

Company: Panasonic P2 Card Rebate Offer/

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Panasonic had a rebate offer that stated, " if you purchased a

Panasonic HVX 200 Professional Video Camera, by March 31, 2007, you

would receive a panasonic 8gb P2 Card valued at $1200 within 6-8

weeks after submitting the rebate form.

Well I purchased the Camera In January and submitted the rebate form

within the specified time. It has been over 12 weeks now and still no


Panasonic changed their website to state," 12-15 weeks. According to

the rebate company which is a 3rd party company, Panasonic is on

backorder with the cards, and that is the delay. These cards can be

found anywhere, where pro equipment from panasonic is sold. So it is

not a shortage issue.

While they advertised that the rebate was worth $1200, the rebate is

now not worth the same, because you can now buy these cards at less

than $700 in most retail stores that carry the panasonic pro

products. The adverstisement as stated is a reason why people would

buy this item when they can receive a rebate that was worth $1200. I

feel that Panasonic should provide me with the same rebate value,

either in Panasonic P2 Cards as originally stated, which means they

would owe me two P2 Cards. Or I will take the cash.

I have attempted to contact Panasonic, including the person in charge

as per the rebate company, Jan from the Livingston, New Jersey Office

of Panasonic. Her phone number is 201-348-7634. Still no contact from




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