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Posted on Monday, April 2nd, 2007 at 12:41pm CDT by b8914bbf

Company: King Bedroom Set/Mor Furniture in Fresno, CA

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My husband and I purchased a new King bedroom set in January of 2007. We purchased it because out queen bed was getting small from my husband and two babied (lol). We were very excited when they told us it would be delivered on March 15th. Then March 14th rolled around and we called to verify time and they told us they made a mistake and they still had until the end of April (12 weeks) to get us our furniture. We were furious because we had already taken our old furniture out of our bedroom.

Then last week I got an automated call that we were going to get our furniture delivered on Sunday, April 1st. So we emptied our bedroom, washed the carpet, and even donated our old bedroom set to the Salvation Army (our biggest mistake). I called on Saturday afternoon regarding the time of delivery and AGAIN they told me that the computer made a mistake and they still had another 3-4 weeks for delivery!!!!! WE WERE FURIOUS!!!

So now my husband, two babies and I are now sleeping on the floor and/our couch and I have a horrible back problem.

All I got was a “I’m sorry ma’am our computer made a mistake.”

We have yet to receive our furniture…

I will NEVER buy from them again!

Susana C., Visalia, CA

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b8914bbf, 2008-02-07, 06:21PM CST


we received our bedroom set in the end but the service I received was horrible. They told me the reason it was not delivered because it was being delivered from out of the country. Well that was BS because on the paperwork that I received from Mor there was the name of the manufacturer and he was actually located in AZ or NM and I googled the company and I called him and he said that they had that specific furniture in one of their warehouses in southern california somewhere. So I call Mor and told them this. Next thing I know I get a call within a few hours to tell me that my furniture can be delivered within 2 business days.

I will never buy again!!!!

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