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Posted on Monday, April 2nd, 2007 at 2:27am CDT by 09e03545

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I wish I would have read Complaints.Com before allowing Dish Network into my life. Since my first contact with them through today (April 1, 2007), they have done nothing but lie (and call me a liar), break promises, and most recently attempts to extort money from me to get them to remove their equipment from my home and repair the damages that they and their subcontractor have caused.

I write this in hopes of the following:

(1) To prevent some other poor unsuspecting consumer from getting sucked into their web of lies;

(2) To share with the district attorney or some other government agency so they will stop Dish Network's blatant bait-and-switch practices as well as their extortion tactics (the U.S. Post Office might also be interested since they are using the U.S. Mail to send out lies);

(3) To get the following Dish Network executives to review their practices and solve my problems: Charles W. Ergen: Founder, Chairman, and CEO: Steven Schaver: President of EchoStar International ; Mark Jackson: President of EchoStar Technologies Corporation; James DeFranco: Executive Vice President; David Moskowitz: Executive Vice President and General Counsel; Michael Kelly: Executive Vice President, Dish Network Service, L.L.C. & Dish Network Customer Service; Nolan Daines: Executive Vice President of Information Technology and Broadband; David J. Rayner: Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

OK - so what is my problem, and what do I want? The story is long, but the bottom line is I want my home in the same condition as it was before I ever let Dish Network into my life.

(1) I want all of their equipment removed from my home without charging me extortion money to do it ($99 to be exact - and even then they said they would only take down the poorly installed dish, not remove it from my home or remove any of the other poorly installed equipment), and I want it done now (I have been calling for three weeks, since the date of the original installation).

(2) I want it done my Dish Network, not the subcontractor CHOICE COMMUNICATIONS who Dish Network paid to destroy my home (and my faith in the integrity and honesty of people).

(3) I want my carpet repaired (where they put cables under my carpet) - I want my walls, molding, and door jams sanded and painted (where they ran the cables all around my house using big brown staples)

(4) I want all fees that Dish Network has billed me for dropped

(5) I want an apology letter from the numerous people and departments I have dealt with who have lied, cheated, and deceived me, including the Customer Escalation Team (some of the most inept and devious of all), and the Executive Resolution Team and Customer Service (none of which were capable of keeping promises made - one even told me it was my problem, not theirs - and one even called me a liar)

To be fair, along the way I encountered a few employees capable of thought and effort, some of which attempted to think outside the box and help me fix the problems. Unfortunately, the Dish Network system (such as their phone triage system) prevented them from helping in the manner that would have been both morally, ethically, and I believe legally right.

Most recently, I was promised almost everything I wanted from the Corporate Resolution Team (how is that different from the Customer Escalation Team, or the Executive Resolution Team)? But to date, none of their promises were kept, and then lies were told to cover their tracks (for example, two weeks in a row I was promised an appointment with a Field Services Manager to assess the damage -- when he didn't show, Customer Service told me I canceled the appointment the first time, and then there was no record of the request the second time).

In the meantime, they are holding me hostage to keep Dish Network. They will not let me cancel because then they can't do a Deinstallation. And they can't do a Deinstallation until they send someone to see my home (eventhough I did finally get a Field Manager today who was very nice and he took pictures).

If there is any responsible and reliable member of the Executive Management Team who is willing (and capable) of helping - PLEASE DO!


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d46e217d, 2008-06-24, 01:31PM CDT

I totally agree with you. a Any one that calls a toll free number or responds to email ads or web site adds

is likely to endure the same thing you have .I have been told by many people over the years they will never have dish again because of the install or bad service caused by bad install by sub contractors.If Dish had any common sense they would only use local dealers for installs.Because they have a reputation to retain in their area.

Subcontractors have nothing to loose as they did not sell you and will not becharged back if you cancel.

2712ad87, 2008-06-30, 05:00PM CDT

Stop bitching and fix it your self you sound like a pussy who cant fix anything be a man and fix your self you fuckin pussy.

45470653, 2008-10-16, 02:33PM CDT

For the past 10 days I have been undergoing this pain of talking to DishNetwork, who damaged my property while upgrading their satellite system.

The technician did not finish his job, but ended up making so many holes of his mistake (around 24), without weather sealing some, which affected around 10 sidings and I suspect that may cause damage to my exterior wall and end up in big repair work.

Now the status of our cable TV is broken, the technician, left all screws, washers, cables, cables are hanging, sharp edged items, garbages on my yard, which is highly risky for the children, if they accidently swallow any one of those parts. we were also concern if there is any electricity passing in those.

I have been trying to explain this to the customer support people in dish network, which did not bring me any luck fixing the damage, where as I ended up spending hours on the telephone. this is very stressfull and mental torture of our family. we lost all important things like presidential debate on the TV.

In order to solve this issue I contacted the following department, but I came to know that no one controls the satelite TV ( no regulatory board). the cable TV dept said they can take action only on any cable running on the street and I am helpless.

732-745-3875 - consumer affairs (middlesex county)

973-504-6200 (state consumer affair)

1-800-624-0331 ( cable television board)

finally I contacted home new tribune and they directed me to contact the state or BBB.

then I contact 973-648-2026 - public utility no luck

and contacted 1-800-242-5846 , where I was asked to send a complain written with evidence. to Division of Consumer affairs, P.O. Box 45025, newark, NJ 07101.

I am so surprised to know, that there is no board to control the Satelite network (DIshnetwork..). and we the customers are being exploited by this kind of damages. Do we need to suffer like this?. Is there no one to help us.

I dont know how to handle this, Do I need to call the cops and report the damage?. And I dont know how many people have time and energy to handle this kind of issues.

please help us.

531d7210, 2008-11-19, 08:15PM CST

A friend of mine is a contractor for DISH and he see the lies everyday and loses money with each lie they tell. He says their sales people lie just to get a sale snd hope the install goes in so they can make $$$$. Dish has a good product but the people who are in charge are a joke. They don't care about people they just care about $$$$$$.

d69fa4ca, 2009-02-07, 08:37AM CST

I too am in process of dealing with a Dish Network damage problem, not as severe as yours but damage none the less. They installed a dish on a rental home I own without my permission, they did not even ask the tenant if she had the landlords permission. Now the tenant has moved out and the dish has been removed and there are a bunch of holes in my vinyl sididng.

So far ( this is just starting) they told me it was the tenants responsibiliy, (the tenant who moved out with 6 days notice) not theirs despite them not having any authority to install the dish to begin with

93efe3db, 2009-02-23, 10:26PM CST

I need to speak to their escalation team and the other teams you mentioned. Would you share their names and contact info with me???

77c191b8, 2010-02-13, 07:19PM CST

My mom's apartment building has 6 apartments in it. A real estate company has been managing it untill mom recently took it back, as it was looking "run down." So many tenants has had Dish, and moved out, but each tenant had thier own installation, and the installers used old cable to wrap new cable around pulling dryer pipes out of the back, hanging them in trees, and wrapping cable like spaghetti, all over the building. I complained, and I got a letter saying they wouldn't help, after thier investigation. They never came out to see what they did. I called back and left a message what I could do with a pair of wire cutters. I have pictures I'd love to put on the computer.

Sharon W., 2014-12-05, 01:05AM CST

I have been dealing with the damage department of Dish network since June of this year when their improperly grounded dish took a direct lightning strike. The dish was not properly grounded. A dish network supervisor and the local fire Marshall both agree that it was an improper install. There were multiple fires and all of my electronics that were plugged in to the outlets that exploded were damaged beyond repair. Several pieces of furniture were burned in the multiple fires and most of my holiday decorations were melted and are currently in my basement covered in the fire extinguisher dust that I used to put out the 4 fires in the basement. The cables just exploded. Dish has put this on their insurance company Gallagher Bassett. I had an adjustor come out and assess the damage 2months ago. I have been calling every day for an update and have not gotten any response from the insurance company. When I call the damage department for dish, I am told that it was sent to the insurance company and they can not help me. In the mean while, I have no televisions, a burnt dish attached to my home and a hole in my wall that you can stick your hand through to the outside. Not to mention the destroyed basement. Had I not been home my house would have burnt to the ground. I rent and had no renters insurance at the time. My landlord does not want to file a claim on the property damage because we will do the repairs ourselves. I do not have the money to replace my belongings and they will not give me an answer on what the status is. I'd like to at least have some Christmas lights for my children and 1 working television. I'm not asking them for anything unreasonable. Just that they replace the items their improper install has damaged and not even all of them. I call Gallagher Bassett every day and leave a message and no one will reply to me. I do not want to fight with them. I just want them to do what's right. We're talking less than $4000 in damage. I have no choice but to try to find someone who will help me legally just to find out if I am getting any of my items replaced. I have been waiting since June. Does anyone know where I should start with this? I live in the Denver metro area. At least dish could remove their burnt up dish so I don't have to be reminded daily of how unprofessional Dish Network is. They still continue to bill me even tho I don't have service of a tv to watch it on and I will not pay them. They requested that I send their receivers back but I will not do that until I know If I need to pursue this further. The damage to the receivers must be pretty detrimental to them because they wanted them back immediately. I've been patient. I need some direction on what works to get Dish network to do the right thing. I'm talking to the media tomorrow and will allow them to take pictures of what happens when Dish network does not ground their equipment. Maybe that will work.

laura, 2015-05-04, 08:05PM CDT

yes they came out and just stuck it to the side of my house and had to come out a second and now I have about 10 giant holes in my wall, why didnt they put it on a pole or something

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