Complaint Regarding Furniture Order through & its Fulfillment Vendor Lifestyle Solutions

Posted on Monday, April 2nd, 2007 at 10:06am CDT by 6db261ed

Company: Complaint Regarding Furniture Order through & its Fulfillment Vendor Lifestyle Solutions

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To Whom it May Concern,

I placed order # 17495229 through Costco on on 2/10/07. It was a $2100 Carolina 6-pc King Bedroom Set w/Chest that is fulfilled through their vendor Lifestyle Soultions. The details on the furniture indicated to allow "4 to 6 weeks for delivery". On 3/9/07 I received an email from Costco indicating my order had shipped. It is now 4/2/07, and I still have not received a call regarding the delivery of my furniture from the white glove carrier. Furthermore, it has now been over 7 weeks since my original purchase. My fiance and I have been living without furniture now for 6 weeks. I have contacted Lifestyle Solution's customer service department several times and each time I am told that the shipment is "in transit" with no exact ETA. Furthermore, because they are a west coast company, if you call customer service prior to 11am ET, the phone just rings and rings with no call center closed message or voicemail box.

How can my furniture have shipped over 3 weeks ago and not make it to Lifestyle's local distributor yet? This is unacceptable.

Mindful of the fact that I have spent over $2100 at Lifestyle & Costco on one order, I was hoping my experience would have been more desirable.

I'd rather not escalate this issue to BBB and AmEx.

Frusterated Consumer,

Sean Roy


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3ef6ee41, 2008-10-03, 12:46PM CDT

Our saga continued for a quite awhile, even after the complaint I posted.

We finally received our furniture set on 4/20/07 - when we ordered it on 2/10/07.

9.5 wks when they promised 4-6!

Whether the truth or not, they finally claimed that they shipped my original furniture set (via truck) from the west coast (we live in MA), and that it was "damaged" in transit. They never informed me of this, nor did they immediately issue a new set. Instead, it took me calling and finding this out before they initiated a new order. The new order of course also had to come from the west coast. It arrived at a warehouse in CT, where they basically hire an indepedent transit carrier to deliver it. So, finally on Friday 4/20, it arrived at 5pm (when the timeframe was 1-2pm). When the delivery man arrived, he had no idea that it was supposed to be "white glove service", meaning he brings the furniture into my house, unpackages it, and sets it up. I immediately called Lifestyle and had them on the phone with the delivery man while he was at my house! The delivery man was clearly mad because he was at the end of his day on a Friday, and had not been instructed it was white glove service. Nor did he even have another employee to help carry everything into my house! I ended up having to help the guy bring the furniture into my house. He helped me unpackage everything and greatfully everything was already put together except for the bed. He could not and would not stay to help me, so I had to put it together myself. Not to mention he made no effort to clean up the floor from the mess he made unpackaging all the cardboard and styrofoam.

Ultimately we got everything set up, but it was a terribly painful experience. I finally had to start micro-managing the people at Lifestyle Solutions. I was literally calling them every single day for an update. Most of the customer service reps can't do much, but towards the end I was asking for the manager repeatedly. Also, I did start to threaten them a bit with calling the BBB, which seemed to help. I was also able to get them to refund me $350 for my pain. But that was frusterating too, because Lifestyle actually had to contact Costco and have them issue the refund, which took a few days as well.

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