1998 Dodge Durango Problems

Posted on Monday, April 2nd, 2007 at 6:32pm CDT by b75431b9

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I bought a 1998 Durango used with little over 80 thousand miles on it, in fall of 2003. We got it really cheap from a family that owned a Napa Auto Parts store. Has all the receipts from oil changes and what upkeep they had done, nothing big at all. We had to replace the passenger and the back passenger window motors first thing. Got the motors at Napa price and was able to take care of that myself. Within a week was going on a family vacation and took it to a local shop to have it gone over. Had the oil changed new plugs and wires basically a good old fashion tune up. Family leaves on vacation in the new to use Durango, love the truck, plenty of room for everything, not bad on gas considering the size.

Then it starts, AC quits two days into the trip. Spend the next three days with no AC driving back, family not happy, hot and wife on the touchy side. Immediately take it back to the local shop, AC compressor is out. Have it replaced, told the mechanic that this will be my wife's vehicle and to double check everything and to call me if he finds anything else. Whenever I go to pick it up two days later find out that he had replaced the fan belt too, and that he new the couple that we got it from. He states that it has always ate fan belts from the time it was new and that he was able to get a new one at no cost to use because of the warranty from the belt manufacture

We have had it now for 3 weeks and have replaced window motors, fan belt, and AC compressor along with plugs/wires oil change and drove it maybe 2500 miles. Wife drives the Durango for a few months and all is good, then I get in it to go do something and notice it is drifting all over the road. Run by the local mechanic and looks at and states the ball joints are shot. Mechanic has me take it to the dealership because it was part of a recall. Dealership states that the recall is for 1999 and up and that it is not covered. Back to the local mechanic and have him replace ball joints upper and lower. Get it back drives great have spent a lot of money!!!!!

Wife drives the truck for little over a year and tells me it is making some weird squeaking noise and I need to look at it. Sure enough front-end is squeaking, take it back to the mechanic that replaced the ball joints and I am told that they need greased. He greased them (upper’s only no fittings on the bottom ones) charged me 4 bucks and off I went, did not even make it the 23 miles home before they were squeaking again. Call mechanic on the phone, and make arrangements for him to replace them again. The repair was supposed to be at the manufactures’ cost due to them not lasting 12000 miles/ a little over a year. Whenever I go to drop off the Durango I am told that the parts will be covered but not the labor.

This is getting really long so to sum it up. Have replaced:

AC compressor


Ball joints (TWICE)

Tie rod ends

Window motors (3 of them)

Working on 5 Fan belts.


PARTS AND MAINTANCE 5834.00—out of pocket expense on top of truck payment.

At this point we have more in the truck than it is worth. Regret the day I ever seen it and I am stuck with it till the day I die. Have tried to trade it off but the only way not to lose money on it is to buy some 30 thousand brand new something and make huge monthly payments. Never again will I buy a Dodge product!!!!!


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