2002 Dodge Intrepid SE 2.7 V6

Posted on Thursday, April 19th, 2007 at 2:22pm CDT by 7e695564

Company: 2002 Dodge Intrepid SE 2.7 V6

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Daimler Chrysler (2002 Dodge Intrepid SE 2.7 V6)...

Numerous complaints from several consumers regarding quality of these

models. NHTSA posted several complaints. Our 2002 Dodge Intrepid SE 2.7 V6

with 87,000 miles was well kept. Knowing quality of 2.7 V6 is not that

great we kept the oil changed right at 3,000 miles,transmission fluid flush

and filter change knowing possible transmission problems,dealer inspected


April 16, 2007 approx 8:30 AM after a 20 minute drive the car got off a

freeway and lost power and started to smoke. Once the car was stopped

flames shot from the hood and the wheel wells. Motorists stopped after a

few minutes and extinguished the fire and the police came out to file a

report. The engine compartment and front end suffered major fire damage.

The insurance company considered it a total loss due to electrical fire.

Daimler Chrysler should recall the 2.7 liter 1999-2004 Dodge Intrepids as

theyre notorious for several defects and sacrifice human safety. These are

popular models and Im sure they sold several million vehicles. This would

cause additional financial stress for a company already on the brink so I

doubt they will act or even investigate which would be quite sad if someone

gets seriously injured or killed.



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03565dcb, 2008-09-05, 08:26AM CDT

Yes, I agree the 2.7 should be recalled. Why should Dodge be the only one to be on the hook here. What about the Manufacturer of the motor. We have one with low milage and the head gasket blew. We had both head gaskets replaced and not the motor has an engine knock. Strange less than a year after the manuf. waranty runs out the motor goes. I have not read any good reviews on the dodge intrepid. Had I read these prior to purchasing the car would still be sitting on the car lot or in some one elses car lot. The cost is going to be close to $6000.00

I think Dodge and the manufacturer of the motor should be heald responsible.

aa3f38b3, 2009-10-04, 10:28PM CDT

I agree, the engine should have a recall. Mine has 87,000 miles on it and it shot a rod. After the rod started knocking i talked to local mechanics and they all said the 2.7 is a junk engine from the factory. It costs more to rebuild than to replace the engine but the cost of a new engine is outrageous. I looked at junk yards for a used engine but they are incredibly hard to find because they have so many problems, and the ones that i could find are very expensive because it is so hard to find a functioning used one. I still owe money on mine but cant afford to fix it so I have been paying on it for 6 months now while it takes up space in my drive way. I tried to call and make a complaint and they refused to let me talk to anyone higher up than phone operators manager. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM A COMPANY THAT SHOULD BE DOING EVERYTHING IT CAN TO MAKE CONSUMERS HAPPY RIGHT NOW.

13a31f6c, 2010-12-31, 05:48PM CST

The design of the whole engine is terrible. I just had the water pump replaced at 132,000. That thing is chain driven requiring major tear down of the front end just to get to an $80 part.

The battery is under the wheel. The thermostat is under the wheel. Nothing makes sense.

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