Posted on Tuesday, April 17th, 2007 at 7:36pm CDT by aa80859c

Company: stubhub

Category: Other

This is a consumer be very aware complaint. I went to google to search for tickets for tragically hip in Chicago and pulled up the first web-site listed. I have not purchased tickets before and was not aware there are many companies such as Stub hub which portray themselves as places to get tickets. I unwittingly paid 80 dollars a ticket to a broker in Troy Michigan and then found out the tickets were still available at the House of Blues web-site for 30 dollars. I immediately called and tried to cancel the order which had gone through maybe 10 minutes before and was told by the lady on the phone that I had no recourse and couldn't return the tickets because the sale was final. Stubhub is a scam for ticket brokers and fans that unneccessarily drive up prices. There is no listing of the actual face value of the tickets anywhere on the site and the consumer is not told otherwise. The lady also said the information about how the web-site operates was listed on the bottom of every page and she is right, in the tiniest print available Stubhub lists information. I WAS SCAMMED BY STUBHUB AND I HOPE THIS EMAIL PREVENTS AT LEAST ONE OTHER PERSON FROM THEM.


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