Cuisinart Food Processor DLC-8F

Posted on Monday, April 16th, 2007 at 6:46pm CDT by 23441002

Company: Cuisinart Food Processor DLC-8F

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Left High and Dry...cannot find a replacement part...that fits...for a $200+ Cuisinart and no reponse/support from Cuisinart website. My local appliance repair people, who are the best,

agree with my conclusion that it can't be done.

Now that I have to buy another food processor, one thing is certain:

My next one cannot be a Cuisinart.


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4cbcff6c, 2008-07-23, 07:04AM CDT

I agree. Cuisinart sucks. I have a power-plus 14 cup processor with the little plastic clip broken and I have to buy a whole new bowl to replace for big bucks. I also have their coffee maker.

Never again.

98ede120, 2008-11-12, 08:13PM CST

My DLC-8F is over 30 years old and just now the spring loaded "clip" broke. 3 appliance repair shops said that it was better to replace parts than to buy any current brand. I found a number of places to buy the parts.

Ratings that I checked always seemed to rank Cuisinart and Kitchen Aid as a tie if looking at a current purchase. If I was forced to buy, it would be Cuisinart again - but not Costco - 24 pounds!

c0682366, 2009-01-08, 12:42PM CST

I also have a Cuisinart food processor that just needs the plastic sheath that goes over the motor shaft replaced. I contacted Small and they said I could replace it. I ordered the part, couldn't replace the part, called them back and they said it needed to be done by a professional. I called Cuisinart and they said it couldn't be repaired. I'm out $200.00 and won't be buying a Cuisinart next time.b

56d7de6a, 2009-07-19, 06:05PM CDT

I found replacement blades for DLC 8F


I hope this helps.

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