American Express mismanagement

Posted on Monday, April 16th, 2007 at 12:40pm CDT by 38982531

Company: American Express mismanagement

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We have an American Express Platinum Business Card that we have had for 4 years. Last month we started paying our vendors on the card – this is what the card is designed for!!! When it reached $75,000 they started declining our charges. Bur instead of notifying us, we heard through our vendors that the card was declining. When contacting American Express, they said they declined charges because of “unusual activity”. I told them that we had always paid our bill on time and in full and they had no reason to decline charges. I asked them at what point (dollar amount) they were start declining charges so I could monitor it online and they said there was no limit!! I said if there was no limit why were they declining? They said it was all “automatic” and they could do nothing. They did not have the manpower to call customers!!! After calling my representative (who I haven’t heard from in 4 years), she said they needed financial statements. I said that we had to give them financials four years ago to get the card!

Two days later, I tried to log in online to monitor the activity and had trouble accessing the report. I called and they transferred me to three different people – none of whom could help me. The last person said he had nothing to do with the reporting and did not have access to the online programs.

As you can tell, this has been a long and frustrating experience. The bottom line is American Express is not business friendly! They do not care if they trash your business reputation by declining charges. They charge the highest fees of any credit card company out there but they have zero customer service. Every single one of their people I have talked to (and it has been quite a few!) is incompetent and unhelpful.

I cannot recommend that any business use them.

Carolyn Moore

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