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Posted on Friday, April 13th, 2007 at 8:08am CDT by 956f906b

Company: TD bank

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I would like to complain about TD visa insurance that is a basic fraud.

When I came to Canada about a year ago I purchased alone with my TD visa an insurance against loss of work or any other inability to pay my visa bill.

I worked for 5 month and then I got laid off so I activated the insurance but my claim was refused - they said that I was insured only for 3 month and therefore they will not pay.

First of all nobody told me that fact when I purchased that insurance and second I had that insurance for 5 month already.

This is why I call TD bank TD fraud and will never do business with them again - I wish to warn anybody DON'T buy any kind of INSURANCE from them.

I also have my insurance contract and ready to take them to court if needed.

Thank you and hope this will be published.

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