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I will try and keep this short but in order to get the entire picture then the whole process has not exactly been short, but here goes:

1. Bought a new RazorV3 online in August, 2006. Phone broke in Dec., 2006. Brought phone to Alltel store & they replaced the battery 2 times. They ran numerous tests and determined that it was not the battery but that I needed a new phone which they ordered for me and said it would be mailed to my home.

2. New phone came somewhere around the middle of Dec., 2006. Brought phone to Alltel store and representative opened box, took battery out of old phone put it in new phone, transferred my personal data to new phone, put broken phone in box, and attached the provided pre-printed, post-paid, self-addressed label which had what looked like a tracking number and a bar code on the label.

3. Alltel representative told me all I had to do was drop the box in a mailbox, which is what I did the next morning, I put the box in my mailbox .

3. Jan. 31, 2007 received letter from Alltel telling me that they did not receive the broken phone back or pay them $165.00. They gave me what they said was the USPS tracking # for the package.

4. Called post office where my mail is processed through. They informed me that the # I was given was not a USPS tracking #. Called Alltel back told them what post office employee said. Alltel told me that I was lying there was no way that post office said it was not a valid # because it was. Confirmed the "USPS tracking #".

5. Called USPS in Gainesville, FL spoke with supervisor she told me it was NOT a USPS tracking #, it sounded like a tracking # that "SmartLabel" provides for their customers.

6. Discovered that it was a Newgistics Smartlabel. Spoke with rep. from Newgistics & was informed that Alltel was a client of theirs & the tracking # was theirs and NOT a USPS tracking #. Alltel elected not to pay the additional $ and have a USPS tracking # also put on the Smartlabel.

7. Called Alltel back told them what the Gainesville post office supervisor said and what the Newgistics representative said. Alltel called both of them liars that the tracking # that they have

is a "USPS tracking #". I talked to at least 4 different employees from Alltel and NONE of them knew that the tracking # showing for my package was NOT a USPS tracking #.

8. On Feb 15, 2007 went and filled out a Mail Loss/Rifling Report from the post office. They still have not located my package. According to them without a USPS tracking # that it would be almost virtually impossible to find the package.

9. On Mar 20, 2007 I sent a letter to Alltel, 1 Allied Drive, 1269-B5F09-B, Little Rock, AR 72202, by certified mail, return receipt requested and by regular mail. Certified letter was signed for on Mar. 27, 2007, which of course went in to more detail than this email. To date I have not heard back from them.

9. I have paid the portion of my bill for my minutes used but I did not pay for the phone. This month Alltel is threatening to turn off my phone for non-payment of $161+$5 late fees. In order to avoid having service turned off, I paid the bill.

10. I did exactly what the Alltel Smartlabel instructed me to do. If Alltel is going to hold bustomers responsible then it should require phones to be returned "retrun receipt requested" so that the customer will have something to prove mailing otherwise as long as the customer tells Alltel they have returned the phone per Alltel's instructions then I feel it is Alltel's responsibility.

Is there anything that you can do to help me? I hope that I will hearing from you. Again, any help that you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Paula Jewett



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