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Hi - I just purchased a couple of shirts from First of all, I never got my order. I got a confirmation # and a FedEx package confirmation# which indicated that my package had been sent on April 3, 2007. This did not happen - it still shows that the package is in Commerce City, CA. It also indicates from speaking to FedEx, that the package hasn't even been picked up. Meaning as long as they have a tracking # laying around, they can make you think your getting your order by giving a fake tracking #.

As other complaints I have read.... When you do talk to someone, they give you the run around. "Oh, it was sent - you should get it any day now". Even though I explain about the tracking - they still do not seem to understand it and give me the run around. The next time I spoke to them, the 2nd girl I spoke with said - "Oh, one of your shirts is on back order and you won't get it for like 2 weeks". "The other shirt should be there soon". Of course when I ordered this and got my confirmation #, it said nothing about a back order. Again, something smelled fishy. Again, I asked about the tracking, more duh duh duh attitude. The girl said, I will call you back. NEVER DID, surprise surprise. The answering machine came on when I called back 30 minutes later, during the day mind you, making me feel like there is some caller ID going on and avoiding me completely. I have emailed all the possible emails I have tried to find, no return emails. You would think if they cared about Customer's and customer retention, they would want to email me back at least. NOTHING!!!!!!! That makes me mad the most is no response. You can lie to me about my order all you want, but to avoid someone is the worst feeling.

This to me is just plain WRONG!!!! People are purchasing from a website that looks like any other website! Goes to show you, PLEASE do research on the company before you give them your credit card information! I am going to take this to court if I have to, just to teach these people that you can't scam people forever. Either send me my product or don't take the order. It's that simple!!!


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