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Posted on Tuesday, April 10th, 2007 at 1:51pm CDT by 93fe1911

Company: Rooms To Go

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The problem is with a dual massaging and reclining sofa (the chair and

table I purchased are fine). RTG store #925 did not have an electrical

outlet to where I could test the sofa's operation before I purchased

it. My salesperson Kelvin Spencer told me when the furniture arrived

at my home if it did not operate I could contact him for repair or


Of course now that it's purchased and in my home and not operational,

store manager Dennis LeBlanc is refuting what my salesperson Kelvin

said and is adamant that this is a final sale with no repairs being

available. I don't think it is unreasonable for RTG to send a repair

person to my house and get this new sofa operational (I am also

willing to return the sofa for a credit to my American Express). I

obviously would not knowingly buy a broken sofa and since the store

did not have an electrical outlet for me to test it on it was

reasonable to me that Kelvin offered the return repair provision.

We are rebuilding after Katrina and I have a whole house of furniture

to purchase which will be no small sum of money. I can be sure none of

our money will be spent at RTG if this situation is not handled as

promised by Kelvin. I am pursuing this matter with Better Business

Bureau and American Express.


Carol Rockhold Shoemaker


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