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Posted on Sunday, April 1st, 2007 at 3:39pm CDT by daf3c2bf

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Acer Computer

4/1/07 NEW ISSUE

Now I am trying to use Nero 6 that came with my NEW Acer Aspire AST160-US321H.

When I click on Nero burner I get a message that Nero 6 has known issues with this computer.

Nero is promoted as a FEATURE of my Acer. So I downloaded and installed the recommended update

and now when I try to start Nero, it says I have an UNPAID copy....and I must pay for it!

This was pre-installed by ACER and sold by ACER as a package...! And Now I am supposed to pay EXTRA for it?

ACER needs to pay for this update.

Tom Gdisis



Hi, I have an Acer Aspire AST 160 that I bought in 8/7/06, New from Circuit City...

It locked up on startup in February. It came with a 1 year warranty on parts.

I called Circuit City and was referred to Acer. I called them on 2/24 and left a message for a tech call-back. No one called.

On 2/26, I called a local FIX it store and they said it sounded like a software problem. (Not covered in ACER's 1 year warranty) so took I took it in for reload of Windows XP.

After the reload did NOT work, they found a bad modem, replaced it with a used one and got it working. I sent back the bad modem to Acer and they sent back a new modem-(which I have no need for) and a letter saying it's STILL under warranty for hardware till October '07.

After a couple weeks reloading and re-activating ALL my erased programs I found Movie Maker will not work. I use Movie Maker a lot. I contacted ACER and they wrote back..

“Dear Thomas, Thank you for contacting Acer America. As Acer America does not test third party software we are unable to provide technical support or recommendations regarding this issue. For assistance with this issue, it will be necessary for you to contact the manufacturer of this software.”

Movie Maker is PART of XP, service Pak 2....Loaded by ACER when they made the computer. How is that third party software? It worked fine, before the lock-up, reload & bad modem.

So I took it back to the FIX it store to reload service Pak 2.

Total REPAIRS cost $306.03.....Cost of the Computer NEW was $397.

....and Movie Maker still does NOT work.

ACER needs to re-imburse for the repairs.

Thomas Gdisis


316-942-2424. ext. 289


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0eaaa757, 2007-12-22, 02:50AM CST

I am the workshop manager at a large computer store, I oversee all the repairs which take place on the computers in the workshop.

Movie maker is third party software. It is made by Microsoft, not acer. Acer build the PC (their warranty is on the parts (hardware), not software). If you have a problem with a microsoft created program, you should call the microsoft support line, or whoever created the software. Acer will give you techincal support if it might be a driver issue with a piece of hardware, or any acer created software. Windows XP is not made by acer. So in fact, microsoft should be paying for your bill. Not Acer.

39ab29e5, 2007-12-28, 06:42PM CST

The operating system software that Acer put on the machine is Acer "branded" Windows (whatever version) software, licensed through Microsoft. That makes Acer the operating system software "supporter". Whether they want to officially recognize that or not. If you go to the Microsoft site and try to get support and enter the product key the support site will return a message that says to see you computer manufacturer for support. Just try it and you will see, Mr Computer Workshop Manager! I am getting the same type responses from Acer support and they are the ONLY OEM that I have ever had this kind of trouble with getting OS support. I have had Compaq's, HP's, Dell's - even an old Packard Bell - and they have always given operating system software support - period. I believe that is part of the agreement between Microsoft and the computer manufacturers they license to! And the agreement is for as long as your warranty term is with the manufacturer. And here is what it says from their own online support site:

Email Support

This page is your gateway for online technical support for Acer computer systems purchased in Pan-America.

Our Technical Support team provides system level support for pre-installed hardware and software only.

Email requests are answered during normal business hours, Monday-Friday excluding holidays.

All Email requests are answered in the order received.

a776bbec, 2008-02-05, 04:22PM CST

acer is horrible. the tech support people are arrogant jerks who act as if the customer should be grateful to be insulted in english. sent the machine back thrice for repair. when the company assumes the repair, there is an imputed warranty of merchantibility (the machine will function for its intended purpose). i called tech, read him a list of what i suspected to be malicious code to the tech who assured me that all the programs were part of the OS or proprietary acer.

what an ass. rather than admit he is incompetent or because he is yet another cretin revelling in tiny power, it crashed my machine. will not buy another one. WILL file reports with attorney general consumer fraud departments in each state affected and the better business bureaus.

80db3677, 2008-09-29, 11:35PM CDT

OMG Acer really sucks! this computer crashed like 3 weeks after i bought it then i was told i couldnt exchange it for another better brand. It has cut off on me twice while i was n the middle of writing papers and did not save any of my information. I have never ever had any of these problems that acer has given me with any other computers- and i talked to 2 of my co-workers and they said they were having problems with thier computers and i asked them what brand they had- and guess what brand it was- yeap acer! Now i am having problems with the new acer that best buy practically gave to us (because technically they arent suppose to let u replace a computer after 14 days)- i am told that the adapters are not working properly which interferes with the internet! I would recommend that noone buys this computer ever!

61db48c4, 2010-09-01, 06:31AM CDT

I have ACER A110N270 1GBRAM 16 GB SSD 8.9" WHITE XP NETBOOK that I bought in UK in june 2010, and this morningthe system is showing Isass.exe-system Error

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