Norton Internet Security Upgrade and Symantec Ltd

Posted on Friday, September 8th, 2006 at 7:50am CDT by e06392c1

Company: Norton Internet Security Upgrade and Symantec Ltd

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Dear Sirs:

I am a private foreign consumer who bought and upgraded, for the first time, on line and the following has happened. I would appreciate this Mail to be posted for public viewing. Please note that over the years (since I have a home PC -- 10 to 15 years --, I have always had Norton Anti Virus bought over the counter). Thus this has been my first time I bought the upgraded version over the internet. Also note that at the beginning when I had an "error" and submitted to Symantec, I never had a response. Thus, I solved my problem by NOT submitting any "ERROR" Reports. A copy of this Mail will also be sent to Symantec.

The following is the complaint I have sent directly to Symantec Ltd. QUOTE:

Please refer to my E-Mail dated September 7th, 2006, quoted as follows:


On August 21, 2006, credit card under the name of M HELENA VIANA R O C PAULO

was charged for the amount of Euros 48,39 to renew my Norton Internet

Security for another year.

The purchase was done on-line under the following Order Summary:

Order Confirmation Number: 9481510878

Account ID: 597599404

Order Date: August 21, 2006 (3:36 PM)

Due to a computer problem, I had to use Norton today and by chance I

verified that the expiry dated stated: "30 Days".

My computer date is right, therefore that is not the problem and I find it

apalling that your company, for some reason or other, is working this way

and, as a client, and a legal one (next time I will use pirate software as I

might get more technical support) I have sent various "ERROS" to be solved

which I am still waiting for a response (over quite a few years). Due to

that fact, I haven


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