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Posted on Friday, September 8th, 2006 at 12:25am CDT by 9bde5877

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Trans Global Service

We do not know their location


We have a problem with a Frigidaire front loading washer and level of service from Trans Global. The washer is still not working and here are a list of events below.

" Control board did not fully function from date of purchase. We didn't think much about it, because the "normal" cycle worked and was sufficient for our needs.

" Day 1 - Sunday Aug 19, 2006. Washer broke mid-cycle with a rattling noise. The wet load of clothes are removed from the washer and hand-washed. We emptied the washer of as much water as possible.

" Day 3 - Monday Aug 21, 2006. Trans Global contacted and we were told repair person will come on Tue Aug 22nd to inspect the machine.

" Day 4 - Tuesday Aug 22, 2006. I take the morning off of work to wait for technician. Technician identifies the problem as a faulty drain pump. He also notices that there is a faulty control board because all the settings did not light up. He says he will order a drain pump and control board, and says the parts take 7-10 days to arrive.

" We receive an automated message from Trans Global Service that parts will arrive on Friday September 1, 2006.

" Day 13 - Thursday Aug 31, 2006. I call Trans Global. The water pump is in, but the control board is not. Trans Global does not know when it will arrive. They would not give us an appointment as requested to repair the washer without both parts being available.

" Day 14- Friday Sep 1, 2006. I call Trans Global. The control board has still not arrived and they do not know where it is. Trans Global claims control board should arrive on Tuesday Sep 5th. Upon my insistence, an appointment is made to have the technician come on Wed Sep 6th, to repair the drain pump first, without the control board. They ask us to wait for the technician on Wed Sep 6, 2006 to call between 8:30-9:30am for a time for an appointment time that day.

" Day 18 - Tuesday Sep 5, 2006. I call Trans Global. Control board has still not arrived. They are unable to find a record that a control board has been ordered. They call a manager to help them locate the control board issue on their computer system. We request a loaner washer. They said they would look into both issues and call us back. They also indicate that an email was sent to "Angie" to determine the status of the control board. They never called us back and we do not hear a response from them.

" Day 19 -Wednesday Sep 6, 2006. I take a full day off work to wait for the technician. Technician calls at 9:30am to say he will arrive between 2-4pm. At 4pm, he has not arrived. We call Trans Global. Their computer system is down and cannot offer any assistance. Technician arrives at 4:45pm. He replaces the drain pump. He tests the washer and the drain pump appears to be working. We do not use the washer that day.

" Day 20 - Thursday Sep 7, 2006. I test the washer and in mid-cycle the washer breaks and makes a rattling noise similar to the original noise when the washer broke on August 19, 2006. I call Trans Global and speaks to "Izzy" to notify them of the problem and request a technician for the same day. They say it is not possible. I request a technician for Friday Sep 8, 2006 to look at the problem. They say that is not possible. They did not give me an appointment. I requests a loaner washer. Trans Global says they are unable to reach the BC office and will need to leave a message and get back to us. I tell Trans Global that previously they have not called back even when they say they will call. Izzy says she will definitely call back. I give Trans Global my pager number and husband's work number. I call the technician to ask him if there is still a problem with the drain pump, and he says that he does not believe so. I call Trans Global to follow up on a loaner washer. They do not have an answer. They say they will call us back. Trans Global never calls back as they said they would.


" Wait time to get through to Trans Global is about 5-25 minutes, average 10 minutes.

" Main people we spoke with are Barbara and Jacqueline

" On two occasions, computer system down and they are not able to offer any assistance. They say they will call back the next day, but they never do.

" On two other occasions, we ask to follow-up regarding a) technician appointment times, and b) check on status of control board part arrival. In both those scenarios, customer service says they will investigate and call back. They did not call back.

As of today, Wed Sept 7, 2006 the control board has still not arrived and Trans Global says it may arrive next week.

Our experience with Trans Global has been fustrating. It does not appear they will be able to fix the washer anytime soon. If you could please help us find a solution to the broken washer as soon as possible, it would be greatly appreciated. We would like a working washer ASAP.

Thank you for your attention.


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55a9eec1, 2008-12-11, 03:24PM CST

Wow! We are going through the same Transglobal hell as you describe but with a dryer.

Our Inglis dryer was under warrantee when the heater element stopped working. The repair man came on Nov 7/08 and confirmed that we needed the part and ordered it. Today is Dec 11/08 and they still haven't gotten the part in! They say it is back ordered but the manufacturer has a bunch sitting in Calgary (we are outside of Vancouver). I keep getting the run around on the phone and no one will just get this part in!

I sure hope they repair dryers better than they order parts!!!

d2e23f8f, 2009-01-17, 08:01AM CST

We have been experiencing a similar problem....Here is the problem in a nutshell. Buy your appliances from a place that services them as well. We bought ours from the brick, paid for a gold star warranty and weren't informed that they basically wash there hands of you and farm you out to trans global...some cyber space place that doesn't really care to do anything excet pass the buck onto others. I found out after the 1st 3 calls to transglobalinquiring about WHY no service technician has called, that there was never a file opened! Transglobal don't follow up on technicians...they do nothing. If you want something done you have to hammer and hammer away going between the brick, who points you to trans global who points at the technician. No one takes responsibility. It is now January 16 2009 and I still have no washing machine or replacement washer. I will never ever buy another item from a store that does not do its own servicing.

2451a954, 2010-10-04, 03:20PM CDT

Consumer Beware

More of the same for my family. Transglobal sent a tech to tell me I needed a new clock panel. A fact known to the dispatch because of the error code. The tech looked at the machine said yeah F1 means new clock panel that will be 101.64 please. 10 days later Trans Global has cashed my cheque and according to the person I spoke to today, lost my file.

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